Where will you be

October 3, 2011
By Jeessaayyx GOLD, East Boston, Massachusetts
Jeessaayyx GOLD, East Boston, Massachusetts
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I remember him hugging me tightly and whispering, I will be back. I remember him teaching me how to ride a bike, how to draw Mickey Mouse, how to brush my teeth and how to comb my hair. Mom was always working, too early for me to wake up and too late for me to be awake. Daddy was there. He would play Barbie with me, and take me shopping. We would spend every afternoon doing my homework or cleaning my room. If we had time, he would watch a movie with me or sing Karaoke. One day, he spent the whole day with me, without any, I'll be backs. We went to the beach, got a tan, swam a little, walked around, eat some pizza with bubble tea and shared a gummy sundae. Exhausted, he put me to bed and whispered, I will be back, promise. Back, back, back, when? I do not see you; you said you would be back. Promise. It's been ten years, and you're still not back. It's been ten years, and I forgot how to, ride a bike, draw Mickey Mouse. I forgot how it felt to be a child. I forgot how it feels to be loved. The tears race down my cheeks, the pounding in my heart isn’t normal, there's a beat missing. Beat, beat, beat… Beat, beat.. Beat… The more I think about you, the more I miss you, the more I die a little inside. The less I see, the less I care and the less I forget. I needed you, for Father and Daughters day in school. Everybody asked, where's your daddy? And, I will need you when I walk down the aisle, when we have out last father and daughter dance… Where will you be.

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