October 2, 2011
By Daniela98 BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
Daniela98 BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see

Where am I?
I can hear many people talking and touching me. People are telling me to stay but i dont understand why. I try to open my eyes but i can't, my eyes are glued to my face so i can’t open them. As I tune out everyone i dont want to hear, I search for Mike's voice but he is not here.
Mike is my big brother; he is 3 years older than me. It was his twenty first birthday and we had decided to go on a trip. We left our house very early in the morning so we could have more time to have "fun". We were going camping, something I didn't like that much but i had promise my brother, and I wanted to spend time with him before he left for college.
As we drove we talked and talked. We remembered many things from our childhood like; the best Halloween ever, when I dressed up like banana and Mike dresses like a hot dog. We remembered how close we used to be until now that he was going to collegue and that I had a boyfriend. Mikes is a very important part in my life, he knows everything about me and I know everything about him. He always wants to protect me from anyone and anything. As we were driving, small drops of water started falling in the window, so Mike decided to go faster so we coulg get to our camping space before the storm came. We were having a blast when all of the sudden I saw a really bright light coming from Mike's window. The light reminded me of a hospital light but even brighter. Then I heard a crash just like a can being stepped on but ten times louder. Everything happened so quickly and after that everything became black.
I try even harder trying to hear Mike's voice; he had to be here with me. I can't find his voice but I hear a loud beeping sound and now I am standing infront of my body. As I am standing here I watch how the doctors and nurses are fighting for my life and soon the loud bepping sound becomes soft and short sounding, every two seconds.
I am standing here and nobody can see me. I dont understand whats happening but I have to go look for Mike, if I am here in such bad conditions, he should be here too. I leave the doctors with my body and start walking through the white hall. As I am walking I see my self on a mirror that is at the other side of where I am standing, I get close and I see myself. I am wearing my favorite yellow layered blouse and a pair of jean shorts. My face dosen’t looks like the one in my body. In here my face is intact. My eyes seem a brighter blue than ever and my hair is just the way I like, straight in the top and wavy in the ends. My face, the one in my body is bruised, full of scratches and I couldn't even open my eyes.
I keep walking forgeting that image of my bruised face and I get to a medium size room filled with chaires and furniture. I can see a small church bench with a cross infront in the back corner. I see Jason, Sarah and my parents, all sitting together but acting like they weren’t together. It seem like they didn’t know that each other was there.
Jason is my boyfriend we have been together for 2 years now. We meet when I was a junior and he was a senior. I never would expect to date a guy like Jason. He was a super popular guy in school and i am not a popular girl. I saw him staring at me many times when I was painting in the art room. First I though he was staring at me to do some kind of prank until he came up and talked to me. He invited me to a date and we have been together since then.
Jason is sitting next to Sarah, my best friend. She has been my best friend since sixth grade. They are not talking. They are just sitting, watching the blank space. Jason eyes are red like if he had been crying, just when i notice he gets up and leaves.I follow him, at first he is walking then he starts running and I race after. He opened the hopital front door and goes outside, I follow him. When I stepped outside I feel drops of water in my skin, I look at the sky and I notice its starting to rain. Jason sits in the sidewalk and starts to cry. His phone rings and he takes a deep breath and answers.
I stand hearing the conversation when all of the sudden he mentions Mike, and suddenly I am an owl. I am ready to hear whatever he will say, and when he does i burst out crying. Mike is dead, where the words he said to the person on the line. I start running until I sit next to my body, my knees on my chest, my world is crashing down. It feels like I have lost all my energy to fight. I feel so tired and i decided i will no longer fight, I can't anymore.
I hear someone come in and i use the last bit of energy i have and raise my head, and i see Jason. He sat next to my bed and holds my hand. He started talking, telling me how much he loved me. Then he said.
"Aria, I love you! I know this is hard and it will be harder when you wake up but please dont leave me. Even if you have to forget me and move on, please stay"
Suddenly I wasn't sitting next to my body, I was in my body. I knew from that moment it would be painfull, but Ii had to move on. I squeezed Jason’s finger and he said
And he kissed my forhead.

2 Weeks After.

It’s been two weeks since Mike passed away. I am still in the hospital, because they had to do 2 surgeries more. My face is back to normal, no bruises. I still can´t stand, and one arm dosent work well, but I am in theraphy. Painting has been the best thing for me right now. I let everything out through my paintings, my parents insist for me to have a therapist but I don’t want, painting works for me. Jason and Sarah come see me everyday. I got a letter a week ago from an Art University giving me a full scholarship, and I decided to go. Soon I will be over with my senior year and I will go and get the best out of it even though Mike is not here.

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