The Trinket

September 25, 2011
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She nervously fingered the necklace that clung to her neck. She had made it with friends at summer camp as a girl. Realizing what she was doing she forced her hand down and took a deep breath. It’s okay, she told herself again. He’s only a little late.
She stood up from her bed and checked herself over in the mirror. She smiled awkwardly at herself and applied more lipstick. Frustrated, she paced to the window, looked for him, paced to the mirror and looked at her reflection. The sixth time she did this she heard his horn. She paused again at the mirror and grabbed her purse before flying out her room and down the stairs. She opened the front door and stepped outside calmly. None of her previous nervousness showed as she walked to his car. He leaned over and opened her door from the inside. She climbed in the loud car and put on her seat belt as he squealed his tires.
She danced around her room playing her favorite Elvis songs. She didn’t care that the music was outdated. It was what she had grown up with. She was so happy. He liked her. She liked him. They were going out again tomorrow night. Life was full of endless possibilities.
He picked her up late again. This time she was expecting it and didn’t worry so much. She wore her favorite necklace again. Tonight he said how quaint it was. Tonight he walked her to the front door and she took out her key quickly. Tonight he hugged her good-bye.
She danced around her room to her favorite Elvis songs. She didn’t care that the music was outdated. She felt comfortable with it. She was so happy. Life was full of endless possibilities because he liked her and she liked him.
He picked her up late again. She didn’t pace the floor. She expected it. He said 6:00, he meant 6:45. Tonight he took her out somewhere special. He opened doors and pulled out chairs for her. At the end of the meal he pulled out a little black box. She opened it. The most beautiful necklace lay on the velvet. She took off her old necklace and he put the new one on. She slipped the old necklace in her jacket pocket with the handkerchief and other assorted items she didn’t really care about.
Again, he walked her to the door. She fumbled with her keys, making small talk on the step for a while. He leaned in and kissed on the cheek. Her turned red. She found the right key and said good-bye.
She went to bed quietly.
He picked her up on time today. She wasn’t ready. He teased her about women always being late. She didn’t bother to point out his tardiness. She wore his necklace. It wasn’t as comfortable as hers, but it was certainly prettier.
He walked her to the door. She flipped through keys for the longest time. He kissed her softly on the lips before she said good-night.
She went to bed quietly, but couldn’t sleep.
She couldn’t find her necklace. It had been in her pocket, she was sure. Had it fallen out? She put on his necklace. Had it choked her like this before?
He stopped by her house unexpectedly. They hadn’t made plans for tonight, but he had stopped by so they went out anyway. She yawned. She had been up late last night trying to remember where her necklace was.
He walked her to the door and she fumbled with her keys. She waited for him to give her a quick kiss before she went inside.
She was tired and went to bed quickly, but couldn’t sleep because of the quiet. She wanted to put on Elvis, but her CD player was broken.
He seemed to think it was okay to stop by in the early morning. She sleepily got dressed so he could take her out to breakfast. She slept through his loud music on the way. Her bacon and eggs weren’t very good.
He took her home. It was midmorning now. She yawned and took out her key. She went inside and took a nap. She couldn’t sleep because his necklace was so uncomfortable. Finally she took it off. When she woke up she went to the store and bought a new CD player. She didn’t put his necklace back on. She isn’t particularly looking forward to their date for tomorrow.
When he picks her up late, she walks out to his car and hands him the black box with his necklace inside. It just wasn’t the right size she says. He looks up at her. She breaks up with him. He smiles and said it was fun. He couldn’t care less.
She walks back inside with her hands in her pocket. Her handkerchief falls out of her pocket. She picks it up and her necklace is wrapped inside. It had been there all along, just hidden where she couldn’t find it. She puts it on.
She turns on Elvis music and dances. She doesn’t care that the music is outdated. It was the music of her childhood. She is happy. She is staying home tomorrow night. Life is full of possibilities.

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kittycargo said...
Oct. 31, 2011 at 10:12 am
Try to find the symbolism.
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