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September 16, 2011
By Proserpinas_Garden SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
Proserpinas_Garden SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
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In my fanfic of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, one of my best friends, Margaret, plays Clarity, a daughter of Dionysus. Clarity and Tori (a.k.a. me), go on a quest to find a flower in Persephone’s Garden but first they must find the phoenix, a fiery mythological bird of gold, red, and orange. To find this bird they must travel to New Orleans. On the way there they meet Tori’s dad, Eros. Clarity thoroughly embarrasses herself by saying, “Lord Eros,” Clarity said, “We meet again and this time you bring the company of a hot guy.”

No one but the guy standing next to Eros cares enough to mention that she said that. Clarity also is very ecstatic and jumpy, sometimes her friends thinks she had some of her dad’s “special” juice. Obviously no one believes her. Clarity loves to read and write, though she has dysgraphia so it’s hard for her to actually write on paper but she loves typing her stories on her computer.

Clarity and Tori go to the same school in in Arlington, VA, (can you guess what school they go to?), and find out they’re demigods a year before the quest happens. Another character in my story is Chase, based off of Lizzie. Chase is a daughter Hecate, the goddess of magic. Chase is a quiet but knowledgeable character, she knows how to freeze some one in two seconds and how to make someone temporarily insane, so just don’t catch her when she’s mad.

Chase knows how to cheer someone up and break them down, she can analyze you like a complicated battle plan, she’s like a daughter of Athena, but she’s not. Chase does’nt play a big role until the end when they desperately need her help. Chase dislikes leaving the safety of Camp Half-Blood because of some nasty run-ins with monsters she had when she was younger.

Chases’ dad knows she is a half-blood and wants her to live with him in California, but he knows it’s unsafe. They write constantly though, and when his work allows him and Chiron, the centaur, lets her leave camp, they meet in Manhattan and do anything of her choice for the day. Chase isn’t as fortunate as Tori and Clarity because she can’t live with her mortal family, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a family at Camp Half-Blood.

Jaimie, based off a mix of people, is character that comes at the very end of the first part of my trilogy and plays a big role in the second, seeing as she is another daughter of Eros, she and Tori develop a big rivalry seeing as when Jaimie comes along, Tori’s authority as a camp counselor is questioned.

Jamie thinks she has something over Tori because her name is French and it means “I love...” but Tori knows that she has something over Jaimie even though the name Tori is Japanese it means “bird” and Eros is the father of, like, all birds. So Tori and Jaimie fight and Clarity obviously is on Tori’s side because Jaimie is such a poser, I mean, Jaimie can’t even talk to birds! That’s a talent all children of Eros have!

The ability to talk to birds foes as far back as 2500 years, and Jaimie doesn’t have mood eyes*, the ability to change her hair design, the will to write tragic love stories/boss love stories, or a bird companion. She’s a total defect! Even Eros doesn’t like her... and he’s her father! Anyway, so Jaimie is a sweet and diabolical person, she lives in Oregon with her mom during the school year and has a bunch of friends and she is such a goody-goody.

I’ve noticed I tend to make characters I truly despise. So this is my rant/essay about three of my fanfic characters. I hope you enjoyed this rant, I mean essay. ;)


*In my first part of the trilogy my character, Tori, has something I like to call mood eyes. Meaning her eyes change to her mood, green when she’s jealous, light pink when she’s happy, purple when she’s planning anything from a story plot to a battle strategy, and- well I was going to tell you what her eyes look like when she’s angry, but trust me, you don’t want to know.

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