Broken Love

September 16, 2011
By zoid123 GOLD, Charlotte, Vermont
zoid123 GOLD, Charlotte, Vermont
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Trying to be someone your not is a waste of the person you currently are.

I walk this world empty and heart-broken. I feel nothing, no pain, no love. I am numb to no comparison. I shield my heart from you. Cause your a devil. I thought you were my saint sent from the heavens above my gift for being good but now I can see the evil that hid behind your beautiful eyes the was never really there. It was never truthfully there. I now see that I was right to see that you were a gift. What I was wrong about though is it wasn't sent from the heavens it was sent from Satan himself. To torture me and shred my heart and all hope for love. It was easy, wasn't it? With you soft touch, and sweet voice. That brought me closer and made me feel as though I could trust you. You made me feel safe, safe enough to open up my heart and let you inside. I trusted you enough to tell you my deepest secrets. In the end you played me. I am not sure why people like you think you can I am so easy to get to that, I am just going to play along as if nothing is ever wrong. But I have a news flash for you. I know this see I have played it before and I lost. This time you may not realize it now but I have already won because I have figured you out I am not stupid you were so easy to read. I will never let you in to my heart again cause your a scandalizing fool. I will banish you from my life forever if you are not careful. I am sick of these games you people play. You believe it is always going to be so easy to get us to bow to your every will. You act we don't know what's going and that we are so oblivious to what you guys are up to. You see, we are more aware then you guys see. We are in search of something too, we know how it feels to be played and we know how it feels to think we got everything we need and then to have everything ripped away from you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a guy that I thought was someone that i knew well but it turned I was wrong.

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