Listen to Your Parents!

October 3, 2011
By tesselhuggins BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
tesselhuggins BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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Shock, surprise. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. After all the warning that my parents had given me. I was better than this. I knew right from wrong. I never meant for it to get this far. Yet here I was, crying over something that was in my control. My parents told me that I wasn't ready. They warned me that people were dangerous and I wasn't ready to be in this kind of situation. But I didn't listen. And I acted upon crazy teenage thinking. And where did that get me? Stranded, all alone on the side of the road, with no one to help me. I should have waited to drive at night until I was ready. This was just creepy. I kept hearing strange noises; rustling in bushes and crackling of animals crushing dead tree limbs. I slowly jumped out of my car, leaving the convertible top down. The seats were soaking wet from the car already and I was shivering from lack of heat. I walked towards the forest, wanting to investigate the noises. They didn't sound like adorable woodland animals anymore. "Hello?" I called out. "Is anyone there?" All I heard was strange laughing. "Um, did I miss some joke here?" I asked the air, sensing some kind of sarcasm. All I saw were flashes going back and forth, something running too fast. Then suddenly someone grabbed me. "What, what are you doing?" I called out. I was so freaked out! I didn't know what to. "Who are you?!" My breathing was quick and light, but getting heavier every second. I was hallucinating. Then the creepy laughing just turned to normal laughing. And this person was hysterical. Flash lights blinked on. I winced at the brightness. "Oh my goodness. Mom, Dad, I'm gonna kill you guys!" I screamed, so angry that they would play such a prank on me. "McKenna, we were just trying to warn you to what could happen! Now you know what happens when you don't listen to your parents!" I was angry, but I was so relieved to know that it was just my parents and not some real killer. I would be sure to listen to my parents from then on.

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