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Dear Friend

September 27, 2011
By Jessica Magro SILVER, West Kingston, Rhode Island
Jessica Magro SILVER, West Kingston, Rhode Island
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Dear Friend,

When you look at me, you see a lighthearted girl. The fun one. The happy one. And sometimes that’s true. In my life, I have experienced joy like none other. I know what it’s like to reach for heaven, and then grasp it. There were times when I was soaring so high above everyone else that even you couldn’t have reached me.
But there are two sides to every story, including this story of my life. I have been hurt. I have been stomped on until my heart and soul was unrecognizable, until every last bit of humanity has been beaten out of me. There were times when I was a bitter, empty shell. Unloving. Unfeeling. In such a deep hole that I was hardly here at all. I have been to h*ll and back.
But I have come back. When I had lost faith in human kind entirely, I found you. When you discovered that I had lost the ability to love, to trust, you gave me pieces of you. When I couldn’t feel things myself, you let me feel them through you. Together, my friend, we are slowly putting together those jagged pieces you call my life, and when a piece can’t be found, you give me yours.
There are some things that can’t be fixed. I know that. But if you give me you, all of you, all the time, I may get close. I will never rebound so thoroughly that I will once again reach the heavens. But I might graze a star if I sit on your shoulders.


Your new Friend.

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