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The Princess Apple

September 27, 2011
By Sara Evans BRONZE, Picton, Other
Sara Evans BRONZE, Picton, Other
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Once upon a time there was an apple named Lucy. Lucy was a princess apple who lived in a magnificent apple tree. She had two loving parents who were the rulers of the tree. All of the apples loved Lucy for she was kind and beautiful.

All was peaceful in Lucy’s tree until one day when a young boy walked up to it.
“Wow,” he said, “Am I hungry!” The boy reached out with his grubby
fingers and plucked the King apple. He walked on munching Lucy’s father.

Tears sprang to all of the apples eyes. They began to moan and weep. The boy didn’t hear them, for they were apples.

The apples were in the same state until nightfall. They were all so tired that they fell asleep immediately.

All except for one. Lucy believed her father was still out there. She spun herself around
three times and dropped to the ground.
Unfortunately her apple tree sat
at the top of a very steep hill. Lucy rolled down it at a very brisk

“How do stop I stop myself?” She cried. As if someone answered her call, Lucy stopped rolling. She looked around and realized she had rolled her way into a bay!

Lucy sighed and let the gentle waves push her along. After a long time of drifting, Lucy saw an apple core in the distance. It was wearing a crown. Lucy waited until she was closer and then she called out

“Father?” she asked

The apple core slowly turned to face her. “No” he said, “I am not your father.”

“Oh,” Lucy said sadly. Then she explained why she had asked the question.

The two apples talked and talked. As they did, they also drifted further and further apart until Lucy landed on the bank.

Then she looked about. Many apple Knights were swarming her. An apple in a small crown came forward.

“Who are you?” he boomed. Lucy was frightened.

“I’m P-princess L-Lucy she stammered. “D-daughter of-”

The booming voice interrupted her. “The daughter of King Apple Gavin?”

Lucy nodded uncertainly. “All hail Princess Lucy!” Announced the booming apple.

“Why?” Asked a nearby knight.

“Long ago, King apple Gavin saved our tree,” he began. “He said I was to marry you Lucy. I am Prince John, your future husband.”

The two apples lived happily together in John’s apple tree. They had three children and became Queen Lucy and King John.

Unfortunately all tales must come to a close and this one is no
different. I shall end it the way it began. Say good bye to Lucy as she is carried off by a certain young boy.

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