The World of SoftToys

September 26, 2011
By mocha GOLD, BSB, Other
mocha GOLD, BSB, Other
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"And the unspoken truth reverberates in the silence for eternity..."

Once upon a time, in a far far land, there was a world of soft-toys. Everyone and everything was soft, cuddly and most important of all... it was totally quiet. There was no words in that world, because soft toys don talk. The only sound was the one made when they move about.

Soft-toys live very differently from human. They do not sleep, they do not eat, they do not have emotions on their faces. In fact, maybe they're not really alive in our sense. But soft-toys do things... They move about to hug each other... Every night and day, they shuffle here and there. To hug one another. Sometimes it's group hug, sometimes it's just one-to-one.

When a soft-toy goes unhugged for too long, it would just die. A hug means a lot to a soft-toy. A hug speaks all the unspoken words. A hug shows all the hidden emotions. A hug sustain a soft-toy with Love, an energy to drive them to go on.

One day, a little girl came to this world. Immediately, all the soft toys stopped moving. Soft-toys could only move to each other when they were by themselves. But this was okay, because a little girl would mean hugs for them. And a child's hug was more powerful than another soft-toy's hug.

Yet this little gal did not have her eyes on all of them. Yes, at first, she grabbed each and every one of them, and giggled away. A giggle was a better source of energy than a hug. Immediately all the soft-toys felt more alive than they ever did their entire "lives". But somehow, she had heart only for one of them... a tiny little dog.

After seeing the tiny dog called Pokai, the little gal did not look at any others. Wherever she went, she brought lil Pokai around. She hugged it, kissed it, and slept with it at night... Slowly the other soft toys were dying while Pokai was often overcharged with the love the little gal showered on it. Whenever it could sneak away, Pokai would go hugging another weakened soft-toy in attempt to rescue it by transferring all its energy over.

But too many of them faded away... Until one day, Pokai decided there was only one thing to do. Pokai ran away from the little girl, and hid, hoping that this way, she would share her love with all of them. Little did he know, that the little gal was heartbroken by his actions and began to cry. Tears, were slow killers of soft-toys. Many died before Pokai realized his mistake and quickly returned to the little gal.

But he also knew things could not go on this way. Eventually all his friends and loved ones would all die. So, Pokai made up his mind to take his very last resort. He spoke to the little gal.

"We are made to be loved. If you love me and me alone, my friends will die. You must love each and every one of us for we are all very lovable."

And then Pokai died. Soft-toys are not meant to talk. The little gal was grief-stricken, but she did not cry. Pokai managed to explain to her that it would hurt the soft toys to see little girls cry. So the little girl looked for a soft toy that resembled Pokai the best, and hugged it instead. But she knew she could not love all of them. She only had room for one in her tiny little heart.

So she somehow managed to bring in more little girls to that soft-toy land... Until every soft-toy had its own little gal. And they all live happily ever after.

The author's comments:
For my Pokai, who had been my source of comfort many lonely nights.

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