The ABC of Awful,barbaric,Crazed Animals

September 23, 2011
By 21stcentury BRONZE, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
21stcentury BRONZE, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
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Life, loath it or ignore it, You can't Like it.


A. The Angry Alligator Ate me.
B. The Bogus Baboon Beat me
C. The Crazy Cat Crushed me.
D. The Deadly Dog Dropped me.
E. The Evil Elephant Excelled at Eating me.

F. The Freaky Flamingo Flattened me.
G. The Gangster Goat Glared at me.
H. The Horrible Horse Hates me.
I. The Infamous Iguana Impaled me.
J. The Jailbreak Jellyfish Jabbed me.
K. The Killer Kangaroo Kicked me.
L. The Lousy Lion Lashed me.
M. The Malicious Monkey Mashed me.
N. The Nightmare Newt Nuked me.
O. The Obscure Octopus Obliterated me.
P. The Profound Penguin Pummeled
Q. The Quarantined Quail Quelled me.
R. The Rabid Rat Ripped me.
S. The Sly Slug Slapped me.
T. The Terrible Turtle Trashed me.
U. The Unforgiving Urchin Unhinged me.
V. The Vile Viper Vaporized me.
W. The Woeful Wormed Wailed on me.
X. The Xanthippe X-ray fish X-razed me.
Y. The Yucky Yak Yelled at me.
Z. The Zombie Zebra Zapped me.

The author's comments:
It's probally the best thing I have ever written

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