A Figure Behind a Wall

August 20, 2011
By Austenfreak GOLD, Ambler, Pennsylvania
Austenfreak GOLD, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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A person walked by a dark building, with a shadowing figure adorning the brick wall. By the way the figure stood, he seemed almost real. Consequently, the man who was passing by gave them a wave, good morning. During this time, the shapes waved back in a gregarious manner. Entering from the door of a building a woman looked quizzically at the man who waved at the wall. Finally both figures simultaneously dropped their arms, while the woman shrugged and walked away. Glowing, the man put his hand against the wall, and the fingers of the other interlaced the man’s and pulled him in. Haunted by what the man had just experienced, he clasped his waist, only to realize he had become two-dimensional. Indignant, the man banged on the walls of his imprisonment. Just then the figure, whom had pulled him in, tapped him on the shoulder drawing him in deeper and deeper into the building, Kindly, the man asked if he could leave, however, the figure shook his head, saying not just yet.

“Let me show you how we, the mere backdrop, perceive the world.” Moving from wall to wall, place to place, people just passed by, without a glance at the other people or their surroundings. Nothing seemed to catch their attention, while at the same time everything was noteworthy. Ordinarily, the man thought to himself, he would have done the same thing, by letting the world pass by. Primarily, since he was busy or in a daze, his attention was only directed towards his goal or his destination. Quite interesting he thought, as he looked at the world for the first time from behind a wall. Realizing, his prior follies, the man looked down at his hands, realizing he were no longer flat, instead he was of a 3 dimensional shape. Seeing that he was back on the street, in front of the building the man immediately looked for the shadowy figure, yet he was gone.

Trembling, the man breathed in and out, looking around him to see where the figurer had gone. Uttering softly,
“That could not have happened.” Vying that it was all a dream. When in his on thoughts, the figure popped out again, nodding his head. X rays were taken of the man, therapist appointments were made, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the man, although he could not shake what had happened that day. Yet, with all the appointments, the man reinforced the idea that he had experienced the unimaginable. Zealous in his belief, the man never again forgot to take in his surroundings, appreciating life because of the help from a figure behind a wall.

The author's comments:
For this piece the first sentence starts with a, then the second sentence with b and so on until z.

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