Tell me

September 22, 2011
" why wont you tell me ?"

" if i tell you they will kill you ... they will kill us".

"Kill me ? Kill you Delan tell me whats going on for the first time
since i meet you can you dare to tell me the truth".

"I cant Madaline..."

" Delan ..."

Hearing the lightning crack above us i seen a smile pull on his lips that i not only desired to kiss.
It was something about him i love it was something about him that terrified me there was something about him that made my heart studder.

The lightning grew above us . As we stood in the middle of the forest surronded by trees in this once bloomed dandilion feild . It strict the brightest light
brighter then any light i lyed eyes on . Hitting something making my ears ring with pleasure and terror. Cracking a tree killing it on contacted leaving it in bellowing smoke smoothered in black ash.Falling from the sky, looking like snow coated in black oil . Shards of wood flew so fine that human eyes souldnt dare see but feel.

The smoke cleared and he was gone.
anxiety grew in side of me mixing with anger.
Something that was right in front of me disappeared before my eyes .

" Delan? Delan... DELAN!"
The wind grew violent tosing my hair each and everyway. As my face grew hot the wind grew colder not penertrating my skin.
" Madaline you must stop..."
A pleading voice echoed inside my head.
A famaliar voice.
Delan's voice...

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