The Red Rose Bush

September 22, 2011
By veeevianlee BRONZE, Brea, California
veeevianlee BRONZE, Brea, California
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He walks into the peaceful green pastures where grass and food are abundant. He is alone in the pasture and enjoys the green grass and the quiet sound of spring. He can feel the sun warm his back and welcome him from the long, cold and harsh winter. He munches on the delicious, leafy grass and took pleasure in the tranquil moment. He admires the sounds of the bird chirping to a melodious, cheerful song. His heart sings with satisfaction from the grass and the peace. He looks at the light blue sky and the bundle of clouds that drifts by him. He realizes that it was truly spring time, a time filled with serenity and harmony.
An eagle’s cry broke the silence of the green beautiful pastures. He winces at the eagle’s ear splitting cry and his heart starts to thump a little faster. He checks the sky for the eagle once again and saw nothing, but he was cautious. He sees a black bead move towards his direction and position. With curiosity, he ponders what this black bead is and sees slowly the yellow pointed beak of the bird. After seeing the eyes of the bird filled with desperation and hunger, he scampers away from the eagle’s violent plunge. He runs away from the hungry eagle, hating the thought to become its next tasty morsel. His heart pounding as fast as a cheetah commands his legs to move quickly to safety. The eagle is drooling for the delicious morsel and swoops in once more, blocking him from the bushes to safety. He jumps away from the eagle and dives in the bushes where the eagle could no longer be in hold of him. His heart is beating as fast at the thought of him being eaten and the pain of the death. He closes his eyes, making sure that he is still alive. The eagle once again swoops at the bush, and he can feel the beak brush against his fur. He rushes out of the bushes and realizes the eagle is waiting for him. He scurries back and forth away from the eagle. The eagle gains on him and opens his sharp, deadly talons to grab a hold of him. The sharp claws miss him by an inch and gives him a lucky chance of survival. He scans the green pastures for a potential barrier for the eagle. He spots the red rose bush and notices the thorns that could protect him from the eagle. All he could think about is that red rose bush as he runs with all his might. His heart pounds like an African tribal drum and the eagle’s screams made his heart let out a cry for a little hope of survival. He can feel the flesh-piercing talons closing in on him as he sees the familiar sight of the red rose. He closes his eyes and jumps, but the eagle’s vicious talons miss him again as he lands safe and sound in the rose bush. He watches the eagle try to break through the rose bush, but the eagle leaves, realizing that his quench for hunger was not worth the price. He looks at the eagle soar away in defeat. He shivers at the thought of his inevitable death and hopes that another predator would never come bother him again.

The author's comments:
This was something my English teacher told me to write which was to make an allegory. He said pick an animal and choose a feeling. Then, write a story conveying the animal and the feeling by not saying what they are. It was really fun to write :)

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