Walking through the Shadows

February 26, 2008
By Elexia Hernon, Mocksville, NC

I'm walking through the shadows. all i see is blackness. i want light. will i ever have it. i look up and see two lights off in the distance one red one blue. i just want the light why do i have to choose which one. why i ask, why? i just want to go into the light. i look back and wonder why i'm in the dark then i think that i must be sleeping i do everything in my power in wake up. why can't i wake up. the blue light encircles my i'm seeing my family and i hear what i say to them
"I hate you all. You all ruined my life."
why did i say such hurtful things if i didn't mean them. i just wanted to get out on my own. then i'm back in the darkness i can't believe that to said such things to them only to find myself in this place. then the red light takes me to where i was befor the blakness.
i look around "Home" i thought but i soon want to call my aunt to tell her i was safe but was to ashamed to pick up the phone. so i look areoun gto find a pen and paper to wright a letter. i start only to stop again i keep on changing my mind do i call or wright. i end up calling and getting the answer machein "Hey Aunt Dawn its lex um i made it out here ok i'm sorry for what i said i didn't mean it i was mad and didn't know how to tell you so yeah........ I love you bye." then i leave only to get in the car and the everything goes white. i start to open my eyes to see my family all around my my aunt crying i try to tell her not to cry i was ok but i couldn't get the words out of my mouth befor she looks up to see me awake and then to have her throw herself on me to cry harder. i wanted her to know i love her so i tried to talk only to have her say i know. i know, my little girl i know that you love me why else would you have called me. she knows i wanted to know how i ened up in the hospital.
" Lex you were in a car accident and the other driver was drunk the doctors said that you might never wake up again im so happy you did."
i finally found my voice and said, "i came back so i can tell you that i love you and i know what i said was wrong but still i heard you calling me and remembered what i said and what i did." i love you Aunt Dawn, you made me into what i am today.

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