The Jump

September 15, 2011
By RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
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I was soaring through the sky looking down at my landing as if I was a hawk staring at its prey. I look to my right to see if anyone is going to try to claim my number one plate. Ricky Carmichael was right their. I knew he would give me a run for my money. I have only a partial second until I land. If I land this and haul butt to the finish line I will be claimed with the number one plate once again. I was soaring closer to the landing very rapidly. Sweat was dripping in to my eyes. My entire fluffy body was burning as if some one poured gas on me and lit me on fire.
I was about to land when this crazy mole started to talk to me. It was green and was sitting on my shoulder in a lawn chair with a cigar in its mouth.
“You’re not going to win the race,” said the mole.
It said that when I landed I would collapse and fall to my death. I did not believe him. Then my goggles started to fog up because of his smoke. My goggles started to fog up that all I could see was white. I could not see the landing anymore.
I felt as if someone punched me in the gut. I didn’t know if I could finish the race. I then thought of taking off my goggles. It was a genius idea. I took off my motorcycle goggles and threw them behind me. My front wheel started to touch the hard soggy ground. I knew I was going to land the jump. Then that stupid mole popped back on my shoulder.
“You might have escaped the first obstacle I have to provide but I have many more to destroy you on,” said the green mole.
The mole pulled out a nail from his shiny black leather boots. He lifted it above his head and threw it under my back tire. I tried to turn so I wouldn’t run over it. POP! MY maneuvers didn’t work. My back tire started to slide out. I tried to correct it. It worked, but Ricky Carmichael passed me. I gave my bike full throttle. I was almost to the berm now. I slammed on my back brake and slid into the berm. I was in the outside rut. I popped my clutch and started to rip through the berm. Ricky Carmichael was on the inside line. We were neck and neck.
I pulled in my clutch and shifted to fourth gear. I released my clutch and started heading for the finish line jump. Ricky Carmichael and I were neck and neck again. I grabbed some more throttle and launched in front of Ricky Carmichael. I hit the finish line jump and received the checkered flag. I had won the number one plate once again. I hopped off of my bike and raised my hands with joy. There were fire works going off every where. I was then handed the number one plate the president of AMA racing.

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