One last Stand

September 10, 2011
By SILVER, Lockwood, New York SILVER, Lockwood, New York
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Looking into a see though window into a small room with a table and two chairs. A man is sitting in one of the chairs and is staring at the glass. He looks around the room constantly and nervously and shakes his leg. He changes his view from the glass to the door to the camera and back to the door. He turns his head towards the door when he hears the door handle turn.

When the door opens a tall man with a dress suit and sunglasses walk into the room. The man sitting in the room stands up and says “who are u man?” The tall man tells him to sit down and walks over to the other side of the table. He pulls out a chair from the table and sits down. He puts a folder of papers on the table and opens them. The man at the other end of the table looks at his name tag and it reads Agent Carl Stone Federal Investigator. So the man finally sits down and starts twiddling his thumbs. “So your Carl Stone”, the man with the sunglasses says “just call me Stone ok. I am here to ask you a couple of questions Ryan Watters. What exactly did u see two nights ago, tell me everything that happened.” Ryan looked down then back up at the man.
“Ok well I was just getting done eating my dinner and I go outside for my nightly walk like always. I was walking past my barn when I saw a flash of green light. I turned around and saw a huge hole in to my ground I never saw it there before. Also my water tower fell over and I think it made that huge hole in the ground but I didn’t see how it got there. I just stood there and wondered what I saw or if it was my dinner.” “So you’re telling me that a big hole got into the ground and that your water tower is fallen over and u have no idea how it happened?”

“Yeah I have no idea to how it happened but that’s not the only thing that happened there is more.” “What else happened?” asked Stone, when Ryan looked down he started shaking. Then Ryan answered him something came out of the ground. “Something came out of the ground so what was it?” asked Stone Ryan started shaking more and couldn’t open his mouth to answer. “Ryan what came out of the ground, Ryan what came out of the da** ground!” Stone turns to the see though window and yelled “F***.” When stone turned back to the table Ryan looked at Stone. Stone looked at his eyes and they were whitish yellow. Stone stood up and backed up, Ryan stood up and looked straight at Stone. Ryan threw the table out of the way and lunged for stone. Stone moves out of the way trying to stay away from him.

Stone falls over a fallen chair and turns over on his back. Ryan jumps on Stone and bites his shoulder, Stone stands up with Ryan still on his shoulder and pulls out his knife. Stone raises the blade and sticks it right in Ryan’s head, Ryan stumbles backward and feels his head. Stone pulls out his hand gun and aims it at Ryan’s head. In the room off of the interrogation room the Agent in there pulls out his handgun and starts shooting through the glass. When Stone hears the shots pierce the glass he fires some rounds and strikes Ryan. Ryan falls to the ground with a thud, steam leaves his body because of all the hot rounds that pierced his body. “This is what he was talking about” as he turns to the other agent “can u believe this.” The agent let out a sigh and replied with a no. Stone looked at the agent and said with a scowl on his face “look into this I want to know more.”
In a town of Owego Linda and a kid named Joe were sitting in the living room listening to the radio and getting ready to eat dinner. Joe went into his room and put on a cd. When it started to play there was a loud beat and someone started rapping. Linda walked into the room and told him to turn it off. “Mom its Eminem come on I have no time to listen to him during the day so I would like to listen to it now.” “Alright fine only until after dinner” replied Linda, Joe looked down with a disappointed face and said “fine.” Joe went out to the dining room and started setting the table for him and his mother. They sat down to the table and started to serve themselves, on the table different kinds of food were set up. Mash potatoes, spinach fried chicken, corn on the cob and for desert death by chocolate cake. While they were setting their plates with food Joe was rapping along with the Eminem cd. “Joe really do we have to listen to this while we eat?” asked Linda. “Mom you said that I could until after dinner,” “I know I’m just getting a headache from it please.” Joe gets up and goes and turns off the music and returns to the table.

After dinner Joe got on his sweat shirt and told his mom that he was going out with some friends and that he would be home by eleven. Linda gave him a hug and he went out the door. When he went down the stairs there were three guys waiting for him. “Yo guys what’s up I aint seen u guys for a few days now” said Joe. One guy said “well you know Tim he likes to stay home,” Tim says to Austin “well at least I get some.” Devin looks at both of them and says “da** you both don’t have any lives. Sup Joe I was working with my dad in Elmira so I couldn’t hang sorry.” “Na it’s alright bro so let’s stop hanging out in front of my house guys.”

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this is just something i threw together

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