In God's Will

April 9, 2008
By James Gibson, East Point, GA

Al was coming home. It had been years since he'd last seen everyone. His brothers with their crazy ways of thinking; his sister-in-laws who were more like mothers than women that James, Hakim, and Quincy married. But, be that as it may, Al was more concerned with seeing his nieces and nephews again. James' children: Leonard, Joseph, and Greg were three of the most sex-crazed boys Al had ever known, but they were his nephews and he loved them all the same. Hakim's kids: the twins, Larissa and Janessa, both so beautiful that they looked like African princesses. And of course, Hakim Jr. who was only eight-years-old but already old enough to recognize certain things that went on in the house. Lastly, there was Quincy's baby girl Meeka, who the family all saw as 'cute' or 'precious'. Although he hoped to one day have children of his own, Al was glad just for the ones he called his nieces and nephews. It never occurred to him that marriage would be the next thing on his mind, but at twenty-eight he was ready for a nice fine woman to sleep with. After the horrors of his childhood, the idea of finally being loved by a good woman was deserving of Alvin Johnson. And this time, he would get just that.

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