My Chicago Boy

September 2, 2011
By Anonymous

You walk past me, your head high, a leader among the lambs. You turn your head toward me and I see your eyes, hazel and emerald sparkling in the cafeteria’s overheads. I see the past in your eyes, the conflict, the triumphs and defeats, grief and joy.
You roll your jaw and square your shoulders, adjusting your angles. You puff out your chest and I can see your chiseled outline through your dark green T-shirt.
I flash back to: water slide, bikinis and swim trunks, tanning and laughing, burgers and fries, you and me. Present, and my chest clenches at your look, your young, mature and sexy smile that gets me every single time.
You are on my mind and I can’t get you off.
My Chicago Boy.

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