The Good And The Bad

September 6, 2011
By Odie131996 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
Odie131996 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
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Chapter 1

I woke with a sense of dread. Even though school had been out for three weeks I still woke up at the horrible hour of six.

I struggled out of bed, grabbed my robe, and headed to the bathroom. As I walked by the third door on the right I could hear Lexi snoring softly.
“Having no trouble going back to her old summer sleeping habits I see,” I quietly whisper to myself.

I walk into the bathroom taking pleasure in the mellow color of lavender on the walls. I turned on the hot water full blast and stepped in. Feeling the scalding water beating against my back slowly made my mind ease and have room for drowsiness. I finally got to tired to stand any longer. When I got back to my room I threw myself on to my bed. Reaching to shut the lamp off I knocked down my glass of water.
“Cr**,” I furiously whispered, knowing that now I would have to get a towel and soak it up.

Having soaked up all the water I threw the towel in the hamper and laid down to sleep, cautious to shut my lamp off. As I laid there drifting off to sleep I couldn’t help but wonder if my summer will be filled with early showers and soaking up water.

When I woke up it was already nine o’clock. I heard voices down in the kitchen. I got up and changed out of my night clothes. Descending the stairs is not recommended for some one half asleep. I could not help but being captivated by my family as I walked down the stairs. Nicholas Montgomery, a seven-year surgeon, and Sandra Montgomery, a four-year and a half Psychiatrist, The Dr.’s Mom & Dad, cooked pancakes, Lexi’s favorite, and french toast, my favorite. Lexi was in her usual seat across from mine at the table looking like she had spent all morning getting ready for breakfast. Mom turned around and saw me, and gave me an award-winning smiles.
“Good morning, Lizzie. We thought you would sleep all morning,” She said, obviously in a good mood this morning.
I answered her comment with sarcastic laughter.

Meanwhile Dad had managed to get the French toast and pancakes to the table without dropping either one, a personal record. When everyone was making their plates, Dad looked up at me, still at my place by the stairs.
“Aren’t you hungry, honey?” He said, concern clear on his face.
“Nick, you know she never eats right after getting up,” Mom said, not believing my dad could forget something like that.

I silently nodded my head when Dad looked at me. Since not eating early was a habit I grabbed my Ipod and an old word search. Normally I would head for the back porch, but it was freezing cold and covered with snow. I finally settled for the comfy chair in Mom and Dad's home office. I was looking for the word “Headlines” when Lexi walked in and sat on the floor in front of me. I paused the song on my Ipod, and as soon as I did she surged ahead with her question.
“What do you want for your birthday, Liz?”
“You mean ’What do I want for our birthday’,” I calmly commented.

Lexi and I had been born on the same day making us twins. When our parents found out they would have twins they started planning how to match twins, but still be able to tell them apart. What they didn’t plan for was to have Fraternal twins. That’s right, Lexi and I don’t look much alike. I have deep auburn hair while Lexi has light auburn hair. I am also four inches taller than her. While Lexi looks more like our mother, I look more like our father.
“I want to get you something you really want for your gift before Mom and Dad get it,” she said, bringing me out of my trance.
“If you want to get me something I want you should get me nothing.” I replied.
“What kind of an answer is that?” She said, annoyance written all over her face.
“It’s an honest one,” I replied, wondering why she just couldn’t have just dealt with the answer and left me to my word search.
“You have no values, do you,” She replied heatedly.

I was starting to get annoyed with the way she was treating me, so I did what I do best, ignored her. I turned my music back on to drown her out. She kept talking, oblivious to the fact I was not listening. I looked down and immediately found ‘Headlines’. When I looked up my sister had caught on and stomped out. Good.

The author's comments:
This article is the the beginning of many other chapters that will unfold to create a surprise no one expected.

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