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One sad Day

September 5, 2011
By football_NYG_17 SILVER, Fairfax, Vermont
football_NYG_17 SILVER, Fairfax, Vermont
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It was Wednesday morning, August 31st, 2011. I woke up to the noise of my big sister leaving. She was doing a few last minute packing as I rolled out of bed and went straight to the bathroom.
'Urg,' i thought 'why do i always have to go pee in the morning?' When i got done I went back into my room. I share my room with my two sisters. I am the middle child. Yes, if you don't know what it means, I have an older sister and a younger sister. We are all 2 years apart. My younger sister was still in bed so I tapped her;
"Naomi, its time for school. Plus you gotta say goodbye to Rebecca before she leaves." Naomi looked at me with her blue tired eyes. She got her head up and tried to roll out of bed.
Meanwhile, Rebecca was down stairs putting all her college things together. I could tell by her face that she was excited to leave but scared. She is meeting our friend J. Frost who is bring her down along with an other friend of ours at the Burlington Airport. They were going to PCC, Pensacola Christian College down in Pensacola Florida. The drive down is almost 24 hours. Rebecca in a car with two guys? I couldn't stand the thought.

I got myself together and went through my closet to find what I should wear. I made the choice of a green t-shirt with some light jeans. 'Its the first day of school' I thought 'i don't wanna over dress.' By then it was 6:20 and Rebecca came upstairs. She opened her arms out wide for Naomi to give her a hug. Naomi went in but soon came out. Rebecca turned to me. I went in and I didn't want to let go. I haven't wrapped my head around the fact that she wasn't going to be around for a while. I was about to cry but, even though she was talking to Naomi, She said not to cry. So I didn't. She then ran down stairs to put on her shoes and leave the house. I brushed my teeth really quickly and went to my window in my bedroom. Rebecca hopped into the passenger side of my mom's blue Subaru. I went to my purse and grabbed my camera. I took it out really fast so I could get a picture of Rebecca leaving. My dad started his red Pathfinder and left the driveway as my mom followed with my sister. I turned on the camera and got a picture. It was blurry so i tried again. Perfect. Sorrow filled my heart. 'Goodbye Rebecca' i thought to myself, 'See you in 5 months.'

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