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Like The Back Of Your Hand

September 5, 2011
By sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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You know me like the back of your hand.
You can recognize my laugh in a room full of clowns. You can see my eyes through a field of hay in the pouring rain. You know that I love it when you used to sing me to sleep. You know you're the reason I'm still breathing. You know the color of my curtains. You know that I have ticklish elbows. You know that I turn my alarm clock upside down every night before going to sleep. You know I'm terrified of confrontation. You know I saved you from yourself. You know you saved me from myself. You know my middle name. You know I dance like a drunk penguin. You know you dance far worse than I do. You know I picked up a guitar to impress you. You know that guitar is now my life. You know your sapphire eyes are my weakness. You know you're the only person who has ever been able to control me. You know I secretly wish you hadn't enlisted in the Marines. You know I secretly wish you had enlisted sooner. You know I miss you too much for my own good. You know I run to the mailbox every morning to see if you've written me. You know I cry every time it is empty. You know I wear the dog tag you gave me around my neck everyday. You know I saved the messages from our very first fight. You know I still remember the Pokemon nicknames we gave to each other. You know I love your temper. You know I hate your temper. You know my mother wants you to marry me someday. You know my father threatened to kill you when he met you. You know I make fun of you all the time for being a "Soulless Ginger". You know I obsess over the way you act so hurt when I say you get a sunburn in the dark at night. You know I dream the same dream about you every night. You know me like the back of your hand.
You know I love you with all my heart,
I wish I knew you did too.

The author's comments:
My best friend is in the US Marine Corps. I love him too much, and now I know he does too after he read this. This piece was basically a rant I went into one evening after we had a really bad fight. Everything I said was true at that time. Enjoy. :) (And yes, I really do have ticklish elbows.)

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