Kris's final masquerade

August 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Once upon a time... There was a girl names Kris. Kris was a seemingly happy child, on the out side. And to the outside world she was the life of the party. Always happy and making up funny jokes. But on the inside things were different. She never laughed , never smiled, and never even made a slight detail of happiness. Her home life was horrible. Her and her sisters were always beaten and tormented by their father, and when they screamed for help from their mum she just sat back and watched.

Everyday she tries to hide the bruises as much as she could. And if she missed one of her friends or teachers always asked. "What happened?" and she would just shrug it off, then go to the bathroom to put make up on what was showing. But little by little Kris couldn't keep the masquerade going.

Each and everyday her mask was breaking, her true form is seeping though the cracks. She becomes weaker and weaker after every belt lash that hits her. And her voice is slowly becoming nothing but a squeak. Her mum only does what the dad tells her and shes locked up behind a prison of fear and depression.

Its Kris's final week on the planet cause now she's dying quicker than before. But she's happy since she doesn't have to feel pain any more. And as her last day comes and when the final last strike hits her, she leaves with out a good-bye. But instead she leaves with one final tear.

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