The Lady from Rash

March 27, 2008
By Kiara Jones, Mexia, TX

A man walks by. He walks by with his head down and on his face lays a deep, mad frown.

Two friends, unknown to the differences within preventing a proper relationship, take opposite sides about wandering queries focused on this complete stranger.

"What could he have done?" A lady from Rash replies.

"How could he have done, he's rich?" The lady from Cash says, remembering when he walked past.

"He's vain, if you ask me!" The lady from Rash can't understand.

"Hmph, well at least he's rich!" The one from Cash can't help but emit a low giggle and shiver with excitement there after, leaving her friend in a tizzy.

"You don't agree with me?!" The Cash lady asks on seeing such a greiving look on her friends face...

"You're immature if you think I'll ever side with someone as... rich as him!"

"Is that what he is? Rich and vain, like me?"

"He is a monster and hidden behind the scarf strewn in front of eyes. The very mirror of monstrocity, and hiding too!" The lady from Rash glances secretly toward the man, window shopping in the square.

The women fight and fuss, but while they argue back and forth, sometimes, the man prepares to walk by again.

The lady from Rash slips back into the book at her side, and the lady from Cash lifts her hand held mirror, breathing deeply. The man takes no notice, he just walks by.

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