The King and His Many Crowns

August 10, 2011
By FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
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In a land far, far away there lived King Julius and never did is mind go a stray. He was legit, the real deal he had secrets that he never sealed. He was loved by all throughout the land because he was never to busy to lend out a helping hand. He loved his family and the commoners too. He worked hard day and night even when he had the flue. But there was something odd about our dear old chubby king, for he wore a different crown every day and people wondered if whether or not it was rather overbearing.

Until one day the king noticed that his public was interested in why he wore so many crowns upon his head and in explaining the situation this is what he said…my fellow people the reason why I ware different crowns upon my head it is because it is to represent the many tears that I have shed and the people I have led. They also represent my family tree all the way down since 1773. The battles I have fought in and won and last but least all the other wonderful things that I have done.’

The public accepted their fateful king’s words but there was someone in the crowd that thought this absurd. He pushed his way though the bussing crowd and projected his voice to be heard out loud. He cried… ‘This surly is a lie! For I do not understand why, someone would go through so much trouble to find this many crowns to wear upon ones head. I certainly do not believe in a single word our so called king has said! Tell the truth all mighty king! Or face the wrath of my deadly sting!’

Everyone looked around to hear what the king had to say next, for this young man was surly treating him with much disrespect. Then just as the king was about to say something to this ungrateful man, someone interrupted him but fortunately he was the king’s number 1 fan. He cried out… ‘Why do you deny your own heavenly, all mighty king? He has done so much for us and yet this is what you sing? Why I bet you, yourself haven’t the guts to say that to his face, I dear you to do it, right in this very place.’

They all made a path to allow the unknown person to walk up to the king and say those very words. They waited a long time until someone cried out… ‘Hurry up old man! Or we will be here all through the blizzard!’

They waited and waited until finally he said…you know what? I don’t have to prove myself to any of you! Because I’m not afraid of what you people may do! Im a man whose intelligent, hard working, loyal and true but if there’s one thing I hate most and that’s someone who hates on all the youth! Just because I may be younger than all of you, doesn’t mean that i have to obey to any of your dreadful rules! I do and say what I want whenever I please, for I am a man and not a weak little baby. I’m not even afraid of the all mighty king because what he said before is down right appalling!.’

After that the king was not amused at what this man had to say, so he called all his soldiers and sent him on his way. When the man had finally disappeared, the remaining people clapped, celebrated and cheered. The king then settled his audience down and cleared them all away and they went off into town. Later that night the king sat in his bed, thinking about what that man from before had said. He then brushed it off, set his crown aside and drifted off to sleep but little did he know something was about to happen that would soon make him weep.

The man from before had broken out of jail, he had an evil plan that would turn the king pail. He wanted to find were all the crowns were hid, then steal them away and no longer be treated like a little kid. All he wanted was respect in this ghastly old town, he’s tried other ways but now he had no other choice this was the only way how. He waited until he knew for sure that the king was well fast asleep. Then he would go in steal all the crowns and maybe even use them to buy a new jeep.

After reciting his grand master plan inside his head he looked over and saw that the king was finally well fast asleep in his bed. He spotted the crown that lay by the king’s side and naturally his excitement he could not hide. To his luck the window was left agar but the only problem was he did not know that he wasn’t going to go very far. The minuet the tips of his figures touched the crown an alarm could be heard all over town. The guards all came, and that was the end of this evil man’s game. The very next day the king announced what happened the previous night, the people all listened with fear and delight. So unfortunately I must end this story here my dear friend but just know that as time went by the king continued to wear many crowns upon his head.

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