Death's Date

September 1, 2011
By Anonymous

It didn't matter where Alexander Ering went no one understood. No one could remember the woman with whom he had shared so many nights with. She wasn't real, not any more.

It had all started about a month ago, it was Alexander's first day back in town and he visited all his favorite spots. What a mistake that had turned out to be. His last stop was a bar, his favorite at that. "The Dragon" was a popular rundown warehouse with rooms upstairs for those late nights when you'd pass out but, unlike his usual visits to "The Dragon" the place seemed unusually empty only a few dozen where present among them was Viktoria.
Viktoria the very reason for his misery, was alone at the bar sipping on what looked to be a strawberry margarita. Alexander by pure chance ended up sitting next to her. He ordered a martini for himself and noticed his neighbor's eyes wandering over. Eyeing him closely, she settled on his face. Carefully investigating every feature. She focused on, his bright green eyes, thin lips, and shaggy black hair. She'd smiled. Alexander seeing how he was under inspection decided to do the same. Viktoria was beautiful he had to admit. Her skin was of ivory, her full red lips almost as bright as her fiery red hair, and her eyes....her big brown eyes which seemed to want to swallow him whole. Distracted he hadn't noticed she'd moved closer.
"Hey." She'd simply said but it gave of so much more.
"Hi." He'd answer in a shaky response.
“I’ve never seen you here? You new?”
“Ha,” he’d laughed at the thought of being ‘new’ to the place “no I was out of town for a few months just got back.”
“Ah…. I just visiting here, I’m from upstate.”
“Oh. How long you here for?”
“Two more weeks,” she answered with a smile
From that simple conversation things took off. They saw each other every day. Same place, same time. Alexander couldn’t help but feel he was falling in love, and wondered if she was too. It’d only been a week and yet he felt like her new all about her and she knew him better than anyone.
On their tenth meeting she didn’t show. Heartbroken and sad Alexander left “The Dragon” after waiting three hours. He did the same night after night for the entire week. After being disappointed for the fifth time he gave up on her ever showing again. He looked up at the bartender and asked…..
“Got any idea what happened to her?”
“Who?” Asked the bartender asked curiously.
“The woman I was seeing you know the red head, the one with the big brown eyes. The one who showed here every day for almost a month now.” Alexander asked confused.
“Sorry I’ve never seen that woman,” he answered.
Confused Alexander left the bar. He ran into friends he’d made with Viktoria’s help.
“Hey do you guys know what happened to Viktoria?” He asked again.
“Who? Sorry never heard of her,” They answered.
Even more confused now he headed towards the address she’d given him a week earlier but, as he neared the place he froze… the address was to the city cemetery.
As he walked in he felt the wind pushing him forward. He walked on. And a few yards away he stopped again and froze in horror at the tomb before him.
of a broken heart. LOVED FEW: Family and Husband ALEXANDER ERING.
What scarred him most wasn’t what he’d just found but what was next to it…
That was in a month……… stupid boy. Couldn’t wait to go out again after his trip and now his days were numbered. Stupid bar, stupid timing, stupid impulses…..stupid love.

And a few might be asking how I know all this… my name is Viktoria. Viktoria Slevrisk and I killed Alexander along with many others. Killing is my gift and curse. See I’m the grim Reaper. To live is to kill and nothing kills more than love. Let this be a warning, ‘cause you just never know if your next.

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