The Girl and the Boy

March 9, 2008
By Elise Leavell, Wellesley, MA

For every girl or boy who has come upon a love as pure and perhaps passionate as mine this story is for you. It is of the growing and self enduring nature of a girl who found herself. She not only ventured into this world single handedly, but she also showed herself as well as others how powerful she really was. It all started on the first day of school. She was well dressed and walked in with butterflies buried in the pits of her stomach. She was pretty, yet she would never admit it to herself. As she walked into the school that first day she knew nothing of herself. She would walk out 6 months later with a new outlook on life and a lot more skeletons in her closet.

It is not uncommon for a girl to take interest in a so-called bad boy. Of course as you might already suspect this girl did. Oh yes, she was intrigued by him. It all started on an October evening. The girl and her friends hurried to the premiere of the school play. She had never attended a play at this particular school before, so she was extremely excited. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted the play began. The girl watched this mysterious boy simultaneously get the whole schools attention. Quite amazed by this boy, she went to all four performances. At the end of the fourth performance, she concluded he was the boy of her dreams, but as the days pasted she forgot about the mysterious boy who had once caught her attention. She had other boys to divert her attention to and although the boy of her dreams tried to get her to hangout, she turned down the offer. She was wrapped up in her own little world and he was not in it, just yet that is. Eventually she became more interested in this dream boy and decided to find out more about him. She realized right off the bat that he wasn’t the most open boy she had ever met. He kept to himself and seemed deeper than most people realized. He was misunderstood and so was the girl. She knew how it felt to be considered a certain way, but be the complete opposite.

Well, it took a few arrangements and mishaps before the two actually hung out, but the night that they did end up meeting, was unforgettable, at least that is for the girl. The night they met was an event that would change the girl’s life forever. She wouldn’t forget about him the next day as she had for many guys in her past. Oh no, the only thing that girl wanted in this entire world was to show that boy how amazing he really was. That it was time for a change. The girl was bold that night. She talked to him as if she had known him for years. She even surprised herself at times, but the thing was she did know him. She knew who that boy was deep down in that torn up heart of his. That complicated mess of lies and promises. She knew it all and yet she bravely took hold of his hand and told him she would help. Help to make him better.

As you probably already know, no relationship is perfect. The boy was confused and threw away their relationship. The girl couldn’t take the pain and threw it away as well. Sometimes the girl thinks back to when everything was pure. How the world revolved around that boy and how that boy loved her. Sometimes she finds herself looking up at that big sky and wishing they were still together, that they would meet again and feel the same way as they did when they first met. Every time she gave that boy a chance he took that heart of hers and stretched it as far as it could go and then eventually it snapped. She broke and the night she broke was the night they would end. The night that she realized that as much as she cared about the mysterious boy who caught her attention that night at the school play, the one who showed her who she really was, the one who could spend hours just being with him and be perfectly happy, he just wasn’t good for that girl. The good girl that once walked into her high school now was no longer scared. She was no longer afraid of herself or anyone around her. She may never see that boy again, but he will never be forgotten. He’s the story that will be told to her children and friends alike, the boy who helped her to find happiness within herself instead of through someone else. He wasn’t the perfect boy that she had once hoped for, but he was indeed a life lesson. That boy was just another chapter that will never be forgotten.

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