August 27, 2011
By TheImaginationOfNessie SILVER, Rosemount, Minnesota
TheImaginationOfNessie SILVER, Rosemount, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
I am someone
I would never have imagined.
A secret.
A dream . . .
body and soul.
Burn me.
Drown me.
Tell me lies.
I will still be who I am.

-Estrella deMadrigal
Spain 1500

Employed; paychecks came bi-weekly
The fridge was full and the toilet paper never ran out
You bought me toys when I was good
Money; we had it once, I remember

There was no shouting or slamming doors
No empty threats of abandonment
Days passed when no one cried
Love; we had it once, I remember

You brushed my hair and tucked me in to sleep
Took care of me when I was sick
I told you everything I had to say
A mother; we had one once, I remember

There was church, every week
God was God and nothing else
There were no doubts, only belief
Faith; we had it once, I remember

There are worry lines on my forehead now
Bags under my eyes from sleepless nights
Was I pretty once, or did I imagine it?
Beauty; we had it once, I remember

Impossible, you whisper in my ear
It was never so.

The author's comments:
The meloncholy brainchild of my memories and regrets. Maybe my happiness was only blissful ignorance.

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