August 27, 2011
By Voidwolf BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
Voidwolf BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
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All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry-Edgar Allan Poe

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream-Edgar Allan Poe


Trees surround me. The smell of dirt fills my lungs. The cool moonlit air caresses my body. The sound of the nightingales’ soft soothing song cancels out the crickets chirping. The sight of the full moon’s light bearing down on my eyes. Rustling? Is that what I hear? Impossible, this is my own private place. I’ve never told anyone where it is. The song has stopped. Even the crickets have stopped chirping. All I hear is that rustling sound. Indistinct noises have risen into the air. Eyes. Yellowing glowing eyes. Like the sun dispelling the darkness, these eyes have appeared. The sounds have become more distinct, sounding like a deep rumble shaking me off balance.

The sound of padded feet moving closer in sync with the movement of those eyes. An outline. Looking like a wolf in form but more like a bear in size. The rumbling continues. Another sound has joined with the other. Straining, forcing my ears to listen harder, and desperately trying to understand this new noise. Then I hear it. Sounding like an offbeat song or poem of some sort. Coordinating with the wolven animal like the most intimate of dancers. Baring fangs gleaming like the purest silver. Pouncing. Gliding toward me slowly entering the light and noticing that it was darker than the new moon.

Landing. Shoving my body to the ground. Claws piercing my skin making blood seep out and stain my shirt. It looks like its smiling. What is this? What is happening? The singing has come closer. I can see eyes. Inhuman blood red eyes. I can faintly see this things face. A smile. A single word uttered. Kill. Fangs, claws. Ripping, tearing, gouging. Blood is running everywhere. Changing the dirt into a bloody mud red. Turning its black coat red. Filling my mouth, strangling me from the inside. Blood for tears. Not able to scream. I can feel it all fading away. Not able to see anything at all. My body has become numb to the excruciating pain. Slipping away until finally, darkness has over taken me.

Shooting up in bed. Sweat drenching my body making my hair stick to my face. Throwing my blanket off. Dragging my feet to the window. Opening it, letting the cool night air soothe my nightmare induced heat. It slowly dawning on me that it was all just a dream. Sighing. Nervous of how real it felt. Looking around, watching the outside night world. Stopping underneath a tree in my yard not believing what I see. Red eyes. Inhuman red eyes slipping away. I heard one other thing before that thing disappeared. Singing.

Monday March 25, 2012

I awoke in the floor with the blankets wrapped all around me. I rubbed my head, while feeling like I’d just taken a head first dive into the shallow part of a pool. Standing up I looked around momentarily then I noticed the time.

“Ah s*** I’m going to have to hurry so I’m not late.”

Yawning I started off into my closet, and then I noticed that I had clothes sitting out on my bed. I didn’t remember doing it but hey I forget a lot of stuff so I might have done it. As I picked up the pants I tried to think back to my dream but couldn’t. Every time I tried my head started pounding out of pain. For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to remember my dream nor could I figure out why my head hurt so much when I woke up. Shrugging I just decided to put it off until later, right now I needed to get ready and take my a** to school.

After getting my clothes on I headed down the stairs and went into the kitchen. I saw the time and sighed again.

“Screw it; I’ll eat later some time. I don’t have any more time to waste.”

I grabbed my bag off the chair and slung it over my shoulder taking my keys off of the counter. I walked outside looking around. A lone Sapphire Shelby GT 500 sat in the driveway. I walked to my car slowly trying to remember what happened last night. I could remember up to the point where I went into my bedroom for the night after a silent dinner with my parents but after that everything got all blurry and white. As I reached the car door I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey Jace, how’s it going?”

It was the neighbor girl, Frankie. The only person I could truly open up to. The only person that knew about that horrible incident and the repercussions it had on my mentality. I turned around forcing a smile so she wouldn’t know I was bothered.

“Hey Frankie, I’m doing fine. How are you?”

“I’m doing fine also. Mind giving me a lift?”

“Of course, I’d love to have such a sexy girl in my car.”

Her ginger hair flared in the dull sunlight as she giggled walking to the passenger door. I smiled a more genuine smile as I opened my door and slid into the seat. Reaching over I opened her door for her because I’m just old fashioned like that. As I started up the car, Frankie started going through my CD’s.

“Looking for something Darling?”

“Yeah……But I can’t seem to find it.”

Smiling I pressed the play button on the radio to start the CD. As I glanced over to see her smile techno music of the Dubstep kind started beating against our ears. I winced in pain turning down the music to a light beat so it was easier on my pounding headache. My eyes twitched a little in my own annoyance. Looking over, I caught Frankie staring at me.


She didn’t answer me for a few seconds but then as I started backing out of the driveway I got a response.

“Is something wrong? Because you never turn down your music, if anything you turn it up.”

“It’s nothing Frankie, don’t worry about me.”

She went silent just staring at me. I started driving down the road going to our school when something caught my attention in the corner of my eye. Looking sideways I found out it was Frankie’s eyes. They were an oceanic blue but so much deeper and lovelier than the ocean itself but……But there was something off with them now. They seemed to be……Brighter almost. Without thinking I reached my hand out so I could stroke her cheek softly, a touch that is like that of a lover.

“Your eyes are so……Beautiful.”

Her blushing told me she had heard me. Oops didn’t mean for her to hear that. Oh well doesn’t matter now. I smiled at her hoping she didn’t comment it on it while knowing she probably will.

“What……What did you just say Jace?”

How do I respond to that? I don’t know how she’ll take this.

“Ummmm……Nothing at all my Dear Frankie, don’t worry about anything that I just said.”

She’s staring at me even more now. I wanted to pull over to the curb, explain to her what all I feel for her, and also so I could kiss her once, just once, even though I knew it would make for an awkward moment but hell I’m full of those. I just wanted her, to hold her in my arms, and feel her hold me right back. Well it just so happens that I wasn’t going to be able to do any of that because we had just gotten into view of, you guessed it, the school. Well s***, oh well there’s always next time……If there is one. Iscariot High wasn’t that prestigious of a school. A two story white brick building, because they were all for promoting purity (HA like they can with a bunch of hormone filled teenagers).

I pulled into the school parking lot slowly trying to pay attention to everything and at the same time not hit one of those stupid kids. I found my space somewhere in the middle of all the other ones. Turning the key in the ignition to stop the car and then glancing over at Frankie who hadn’t stopped staring at me the whole time. We just sat there in the silence of my car just……Watching each other. I sighed reaching back grabbing our bags and my one and only famous black and red jacket. I set our school bags down between us sliding my jacket onto me then unlocked the doors.

“Guess we better get into the school sooner or later Dear Frankie.”

She just rolled her eyes giggling softly grabbing her bag and just sat there waiting. I smiled laughing softly grabbing my bag and opening my door standing up. Closing my car door I walked over to Frankie’s door opening it for her bowing slightly.

“We have arrived Milady.”

She got out of the car sl0wly giggling softly. Closing the door behind her I started walking towards the school entrance slowly. Even with Frankie at my side I was reluctant to go in. Bad memories surfaced trying to ignore them I stopped Frankie.

“Hey Frankie……Ummmm……I think you should know something……”

I felt my face get blood red burning like a white hot flame. My heart started pounding against my chest hard enough that I could hear it without even trying. Frankie was watching like even she could hear the beat and knew all my thoughts.

“What is it Darling?”

“Well……I Ummmm……Really……-“

The bell interrupted me, cutting our conversation short. I sighed just grabbing her hand pulling her into the school with me. My hand was burning with just this simple touch but it was in a good way. I secretly smiled at being able to touch her without any sort of argument. I glanced back at her to see her smiling too.

I might just have a shot with her. Or at least I hope, probably not though.

“So are you ever going to tell me?”

I laughed at her impatience winding through the hallways. Then we stopped in front of her class. I tentatively kissed her cheek softly and quickly.

“Later my Darling Frankie.”

I smiled as she reached up and touched her cheek.

“I’ll see you after class.”

She nodded in agreement as I turned around walking to first block. Stopping in front of the door I sighed. Inhaling deeply I stepped into the room searching for my seat in the back. I set my bag in the floor then slid into my seat. While looking around someone walked into the room. I looked to the side quickly as a girl sat down beside me quietly. I felt her eyes burn a hole into the side of my head; I could’ve sworn there was smoke rising from it. Closing my eyes I turned around slowly.

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