isabella and prince james part 2 -prince blake and james

August 21, 2011
By werewolfprincess GOLD, Ione, Washington
werewolfprincess GOLD, Ione, Washington
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a couple years ago king james and queen isabella had two beautiful twin boys. they both had their fathers black hair and their mothers green eyes. as they grew up they became so depened on each other that one time during school blake accidently broke a kid named bulks toy and threaten to hurt blake. at lunch time bulk walked up and started yelling at blake. blake tried to say sorry but bulk wouldnt listen. so james stepped into the fight and threw bulk across the lunch table. thats when isabella had to keep the kids at home. they found out james and blake had special powers.james had super strength and blake had the power of ice. a couple years past they both turned 18. they were finally big enough to leave the house and find their own path. james told his mother he was leaving and blake was not to follow him. blake being the youngest decided to stay and take care of their mother. one day blake was out in the market buying some supplies when he saw a beautiful girl her name was alissa. she looked up to see a black headed green eyes boy staring at her.she smiled she thought he was cute. she had the power to read minds. he didnt know it but she was reading all his thoughts. she walked up to him and asked if he would like to go somewhere else. he said "uh...sure id like to".She took him to a garden near the school she went to.She told him this is a school for speicial people with speical powers, he tried to act like he didnt know what she was talking about. just than one of the teachers there came out and showed him he had power of fire. he agreed to go to the school to learn how to control his ice power. on the other side of the world james was having alittle trobble with his strength he to had met a girl but this girl without knowing was on the darkside. she took him to her school and the evil teacher came out to welcome james. then he said something about blake being the youngest and how his mother loved blake more than him. he agreed to go to that school. blake was having fun he met alot of new people he met a guy named benji he had the power to turn invisable and another boy beastly can turn into any animal he can think of. and 2 girls one named sarah she can shoot lasers out of her eyes and the other girl named sylvia she had the power to turn anything she wanted to silver.blake loved his school and he and alissa had started dating. james on the other hand loved his school feeling powerful his teacher dracula and the girl emilia had the power to kill anyone she wanted. she tought james everything she knew. when james had gotten really good and became very evil dracula told him that he and emilia and all the school of evil will be going into battle to take over the school of good. that night they started marching to the good school. the teachers there were getting the students ready for the battle blake had gotten better with his ice power. he and the other students stood behind the wall waiting til the school of evil broke through. an evil student named rode who had the power of earth knocked the wall down. all the good students tried to hold them back blake who didnt know looked at a evil student who looked like him. he ran up to him. james was also surprised to see his brother. blake asked what he was doing and why was he destroying a good school. james told him he was part of the evil school and it wasnt his choice. emilia saw how he was talking to a good student. she looked at blake. alissa watched blake as he suddenly stopped breathing. she ran over to him trying to help him. with her powers she made a force field around them. james told emilia to stop that it was her brother but she wouldnt. the good students had defeated the evil students now all was left was dracula and 2 other students. james found out that dracula was using him and with that he used his strength to destroy dracula. emilia thinking it was blake used her powers on him. blake kissed alissa and told her he loved her. she told him she was pragnet with a boy. he smiled as he slowly faded away. when emilia found out she had killed james she to ran to see him. she told him she was sorry. james just told her to be good and that now he was with his twin. emilia was pragent to with a girl. time passed and emilia and ailissa had became friends. they both had their babies at the same time and at blake and james mothers house isabella was sad to had lost her to boys her husband and brother had dyed many years before. but now she had two beautiful grandbabies alissa named her boys blaze for he had gotten his fathers power of ice. emilia named her girl jenna she had the power to make the grass grow. blaze and jenna grew up to be good kids. james and blake along with their father and uncle and ancestors watched as their kids grew and watched over their home. a few years later isabella joined them. and they were reunited with loved ones.

The author's comments:
a few years ago i wrote a story called isabella and prince james this is part two about their twin boys and powers good vs evil

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