August 9, 2011
By dancinshell SILVER, Longwood, Florida
dancinshell SILVER, Longwood, Florida
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Annabel awoke on the snow white rocks of Cocoa Shore. She cautiously sat up dazed and confused. Annabel remembered being at a beach but she didn’t remember when, or which beach. She found herself stepping gracefully over to the shoreline, as if the ivory sand was carrying her. It brought her to where the waves gently splashed over her ankles. Cold, Annabel decided the ocean was too bitter for a swim. She titled her head back to glance at the horizon. The sky was colored like sunset, with a mixture of rose, violet, and gold, yet the colors seemed as bright as the cerulean sky is at midday. Annabel twirled around herself, executing a perfect back attitude.

As she leapt around all the shells, she decided to inspect a small hut further up the beach. As Annabel attempted to open the door, it fell to the sand, shattering the silence. The little hut was as musty and abandoned as she had expected, but then she noticed something she hadn’t expected. It was full of pictures…of her.

Annabel strolled along the walls, taking time to analyze each picture. They were all at beaches. All of these beaches she knew, she loved. However, on the wall closest to the broken door was the largest picture. She was here, wherever here is.

She decided to further explore the beach and leave the hut. As she stepped out of the abandoned hut the sky was no longer a sunset. The sky was now a deep navy blue illuminated by the shining ivory moon. Annabel noticed one lonely palm tree, glowing from the light of the moon. On each palm leaf there were flowers, beautiful flowers. Annabel reached for the one palm leaf she was able to reach, and put a tangerine flower in her golden waterfall of hair. Suddenly an aroma overcame her. It was Annabel’s favorite smell. The aroma was comprised of that smell right after it rains, and mint.

A gust of wind came with the rush of rain and mint. A snow white figure appeared and looked deep into Annabel’s eyes. Annabel decided to ask her the obvious question first:

“Where am I?”


A single tear glided down Annabel’s cheeked as she whispered:

“I’m dead?”

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