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August 13, 2011
By MoonlightDreams BRONZE, New York, New York
MoonlightDreams BRONZE, New York, New York
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First Play- 1 act-3 scenes- by Kamaria Hodge

Cast: Mara Bridges (main character), Jane (Inner voice/ multi-personality of Mara),
Victoria (Sister of Mara).

Setting: the stage is set in a teenage punk/rockers kind of room. Band posters everywhere, pictures of family of art work, a computer and a black acoustic guitar. Her room is quiet but chaotic. The computer is blasting metal music and Mara Bridges id getting lost in her mind.

Summary: Mara a sixteen year old girl has a mental disorder that no one has recognized yet. In her head there is another girl Jane and Jane is her second personality. The scene starts in Mara’s room she is sitting up and talking to Jane.

*Whispers- Mara, Mara, Mara, Mara*
(Jane gets into Mara’s ear and whisper/yells Mara!)
(Mara gasps and moans)- You’re back again!?
(Jane smiles evily)- You know you can’t get rid of me, you put up a good fight though. Drowning yourself in Drugs and alcohol but, I’ll always come back when you least expect it.
(Mara hysterically asks)- Why?
J: Because you need me, you need me to do the things you won’t. You need me to have fun-
M: Having fun to you is hurting people!
(there is a knock on the door it opens to reveal her sister veronica)
V: Mara are you ok, I heard talking were you on the phone?
M: No, no sorry sis for making so much noise
V: Okay well get some sleep call me if you need the room
( Victoria exits the room)
(Jane comes back)
J: That was close, now come on lets have some fun huh? You know you won’t get caught with me there.
M; I don’t like to do this Jane
(Janes face turns scarily blank)
J: You don’t have a choice.
(Mara freezes she isn’t Mara anymore she is Jane her back is straighter her posture is different her face is dangerous.)
J: Ah now that’s better, now where did she hide them…my toys?
(she walks around the room and goes under the bed and pulls out a sack in it is rope, tape a gun and a black hunting knife)
(as she exits the room she says)

J: Now for some fun.
(and the lights completely shut off)
End Scene 1
Scene 2

(Jane has on black gloves her sack isn’t weighing her down at all in a trance like state she watches the window of a women she has followed, she has been following her every move for the last 2 weeks now she is going to strike)
M: Jane no! no please no I don’t want to do this.
J: Quiet
(Mara becomes Jane again she has a sinister smile on her face as she goes to the front door she sees the welcome mat and laughs. Under it is an emergency key, she unlocks the door and steps in)
J: don’t mind if I do
(she laughs humorously as she surveys the house from the inside for the first time. She waits until she is sure the woman is asleep) ( the lights go off again as she climbs the stairs rope in hand.)
Mara awakes in horror she see’s the blood on her hands the room is darkbut she sees the blood she cleans up everything she leaves the body with a blood stained letter that only says one thing. Sorry.
(she runs back home with her sack and falls asleep. Jane is gone for now.
End Scene 2

Last & Final Scene 3
M: why did you have to do that Jane! Why?
J: Because you wanted me you, you wanted it you did!
M: No that’s not true I didn’t want it Jane she had a family jane just like those other women and men and you killed them all!
J: Correction Mara we killed them I distinctly remember It was your hands tying them up, your hands cutting there throats not mines-your hands cleaning up the evidence. I am just a figment of your imagination.
M: Enough! Stop taunting me! I see now there is no other way to stop you-to stop me but one. ( Jane scowls deeply and says hysterically)
J: You need me don’t even think about it Mara!
M: No…no more.
(she runs out of her room and to Victoria)
M: Vicky I need help…badly I do bad things I-I need help so please help me.
( her sister just hugs her)
M: Help me get rid of Jane.

The author's comments:
The Inspiration for this piece was based on imagination and research. I have always been into Psychological Health and I wanted to write about a mental disease that a lot of people don’t know about or understand. This is My first play.

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