August 8, 2011
Gillian and Fred are meeting for dinner at a Malaysian restaurant with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. James (Fred’s parents) are waiting their arrival when the two walk in. Fred recently told his parents the fifteen year age gap between him and Gillian.
MRS. JAMES: Oh, how nice of you two to join us.
FRED: Yes, we are so sorry we are late. We were stuck in traffic. (He shoots his mother a charming smile)
Everybody shakes hands and introduces themselves.
MR. JAMES: We are so glad we could finally meet you, Gillian.
MRS. JAMES: (To Gillian)
Yes, dear, we are so happy to meet you. You are so young and beautiful, how old are you?
GILLIAN: Um, I am, uh…
FRED: (Turning in the direction of Mrs. James)

Mother, please. We are trying to have a pleasant evening here.
MRS. JAMES: Anyway, Gillian, have you ever meet Fred’s wife, May? Sorry, excuse me, his ex-wife. She is wonderful and a great cook too.
MR. JAMES: She was the best thing that ever happened to our, Freddie. Her meals were delicious as my wife said. She was also a great wife to our working man! (He eyes Fred)
FRED: Mother, if we could please just get through the rest of dinner without bringing up anymore about my past spouse it would be great.
Mrs. James eyes her husband and the group returns to looking at the options for food on the menu. The waiter arrives to take their orders.
WAITER: What would you all like to order?
GILLIAN: I would like to order the string bean dish, please.
MRS. JAMES: Perhaps, you could share Fred’s dish as well. That is unless your appetite is as tiny as your waist, in which case you may not need any food at all. (She smirked at her snarky comment)
FRED: Mother, I am warning you, one more snarky comment. This dinner was about you getting to meet my lovely girlfriend. (He winks at Gillian) So, maybe you could ask questions about her job, small talk. (He lowers his voice, looking directly at his mother seated across from him and whispers to her) I swear, one more comment and she and I will walk out of this restaurant.
Mrs. James crosses her arms over her chest, angry at her loss in the argument.
WAITER: Sure, no problem. (Turning in the direction of Fred, awkwardly waiting to write down the next meal to order. He shifts his weight often as her nervously eyes Mrs. James, but stays turned towards her son)
FRED: I would like the General Tso chicken please. I have heard this dish is AMAZING! (He drags out the last word, speaking almost directly towards Gillian as she giggles flirtatiously)
WAITER: And you ma’am? (He turns towards Mrs. James)
MRS. JAMES: I would like the orange chicken, but if you dare the sauce anymore except in a small dish on the side I will make sure that you never ask anybody for an order ever again. I have been here before and the last time I did my request was not obeyed. It did not make me happy. (She takes a deep breath, exhausted from her huge speech)
The waiter looks towards Mr. James.
MR. JAMES: I would really like a diet Coke, which was supposed to come a few minutes ago, and the fish dish on the third page on the bottom left.
The waiter nodded and rushed off to the kitchen.

Gillian and Fred are returning home after the double date with his parents.
GILLIAN: (Pouting and sarcastic)
Well, I guess you could say that went well.
FRED: (Clearing his throat)
I think it went fine.
GILLIAN: Fred, they brought up your “wonderful” ex-wife for half an hour! I was just some young affair you had, to them! I am the tramp that ruined their son’s perfect marriage.
FRED: Don’t take it personally. Let them get to know you.
GILLIAN: Whatever, you can walk me home? (She starts walking without his consent)
FRED: Hold on just a minute. (He catches up to her) You live thirty blocks away! How about the subway? I have enough money on my metro card to get us there.
GILLIAN: (Exasperated) I. Can’t. Take. The. Subway.
FRED: Why not? (His eyebrows are raised and he looks perplexed)
GILLIAN: I broke my toe on a subway! Remember? (She raises her eyebrows and he nods like he remembers) I was wearing my vintage Jimmy Choos and the heel broke making me fall on my a**!
FRED: You mean to tell me you already ruined the ten thousand dollar sold out Jimmy Choo shoes you forced me to buy you? Those Jimmy Choo shoes made of zebra pelt?
GILLIAN: Oh, that happened a year ago.
FRED: I bought them only a year ago!
GILLIAN: Just call a cab already, ok?

Gillian and Fred have returned to Fred’s apartment.
GILLIAN: (She is looking at restaurants in the area on her iPhone)
Where should I make a reservation for tomorrow night?
FRED: Uh, actually… (He begins to look nervous, and sweat beads appear on his forehead. He keeps shifting his position)
Tomorrow is my weekend with my kids.
GILLIAN: Bring them.
FRED: Well, I was going to take them on my yacht.
GILLIAN: (She smiles at him, happy with her decision)
Oh, perfect! Sounds like fun. I’ve wanted to meet your kids for quite some time.
FRED: Alone.
GILLIAN: (She looks at him quizzically)
Yeah, just the four of us.
FRED: (Small pause)
Without you.
GILLIAN: Sweetie, I have wanted to meet your kids for ages and this is the perfect opportunity. Let’s not argue, alright?
FRED: (His expression changes from soft to angry)
Look, I understand, but tomorrow would not be the best time for you to meet them. I would rather change the subject.
GILLIAN: I understand how difficult it may be for me to tell you this, but I came from a divorced family. I understand what your kids are going through and I hope that I can help your kids through this. (She smiles thoughtfully)
FRED: (He thinks awkwardly and his face goes blank)
I haven’t even told them about us yet.
GILLAIN: (Her face goes hard)
You haven’t told them about us?
Fred stays silent for a few minutes.
FRED: I’m sorry, it never came up.
GILLIAN: No, don’t be sorry, I was wrong to come here tonight. I was expecting a sensitive single man who loved his kids and shared everything with them. I’m just glad I found out I was wrong sooner rather than later.
Gillian gets up and walks towards the thick wood double doors.
FRED: Gillian, please don’t go! I love you!
GILLIAN: If you loved me, you would have had the nerve to tell your children about us.
With that she leaves, never to return again.

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