March 3, 2008
You ran away, you ran away with nothing to say, nothing to explain, nothing but hate.
You look at yourself in that mirror, that same mirror that has said to you, “you’re ugly, your fat, and your nothing.” So because of that mirror you ran away.

Find yourself before the sun goes down and the stars rise up, find yourself before that rose sunset turns into a deep black, or it’s to late.

The media tells you a size zero is beautiful, and you believe, ribs’ sticking out of you is perfect, and you believe, starving yourself to death will make you somebody, and you believe, punishing yourself for eating something you weren’t suppose to is right, and you still believe.

You had your chance little girl, now your caught up in a society’s world. The rose is falling down and the ebony appears. You did it little girl, you have literally starved yourself to death, is society beautiful now?

The rose is gone and you are too, the vogue magazine has controlled you, your father found you, your mother cries, were trying to be perfect worth a try?

Good job little girl, you are now in a magazine, not because of modeling but because of your tragic story.
Your room is still and silent, and the mirror is still hung on the wall.
It laughs to itself knowing it conquered you to fall.

Your actions have now influenced your little sister and she stands in front of that mirror.
I’m so proud of you, because of you her end is coming near, here comes that ebony and there goes that rose, the mirror says to itself two down, and millions to go.

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