My Lolita: Incomplete

July 5, 2011
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Grainy film. You can hear a camera rolling. A girl playing in an open field. She’s skipping. She’s wearing a dress, polka dotted, and wearing a hair band, a wide one. The camera walks towards her, circles around her, the sun silhouetting her head, blinding the camera. The camera zooms in on her face. She looks at the camera. Smiles and laughs. Bites her lips, innocently. Looks down, looks up. Looks away, as if looking at something, nods her head. Camera pans out to include just her shoulders.

A person comes to stand behind her. We see him/her. The girl is looking a bit worried. She looks like she is trying to show she is happy, we can see through the flimsy façade. His/her hands slowly snake over her shoulders. She looks worried. They massage her shoulders. She tenses up. They pull her back, she falls backwards, abruptly, out of the scene.


Lolita is lying on a man’s lap. He is obviously much older than her. He is combing her hair, his hands tracing the comb as it slides through her hair. Her chest is very obviously heaving, but she is just breathing. The camera travels up her body, tp her face. Her eyes are closed. Her heaving gets heavier/shallower. His movements get more intense. His eyes close as well. Movements get faster, for both of them.
We cut scenes of them breathing with others - a kettle boiling, a pressure cooker steaming etc
Suddenly they both pause.
Things go back to normal. She gets up and leaves. (Or the camera pans out, leaving them as blurry figures in the background)


We see Lolita talking with a few guys, they are obviously hitting on her. Her friends surround her. Everyone is laughing, there is casual flirting. Lolita is curling her hair, eyeing one guy. Suddenly, we see everyone become quiet. They start whispering. The boys consciously move away from her.
The man again comes on screen. We see him stomp at the boys, we see him grab her and shake her. The kids run away. The man shakes her, we see her while she is being shaken. Her eyes are shut and she is scared. The man grips her face, brings his close, and makes her look at him. Then we pan away from them, so we see only their half blurry bodies. His face turns, as if kissing. She is very obviously shaking. Cut to him, his face, sweat dripping off it.


A window shuts. A door shuts. A blind is drawn. A lock is turned. Lolita is pushed on the bed. We see her hand. We see him restraining her wrist. We see the struggling. We see him making his grip firmer. We see it hurting. We see her hand going limp. Zoom in on Lolita’s face: blank, expressionless, zombie-like and empty. Like a corpse trying to take once last breath, she sighs.
The camera backs out of the room, out the shut door and through the house. A woman sits on a chair, darning, occasionally looking at the locked door. We stop at a table with two pictures, one of lolita's real family and the second one with the man, her step dad.


Lolita's walking back from school, she stops infront of a house, stands staring at it. She walks in. The door closes.
A window shuts. A blind is drawn. A lock is turned. Lolita's blurred figure gets thrown on the bed. Her hands grasp the sheets, her eyes shut tight, as if squeezing the water out. The bed shakes, moves and stops.
We see the door behind her open and shut.
Cut to the picture of her second family. The woman in the picture, vanishes.


The girl stands at a boarded up window, clothed in a worn out, frayed dress. She looks though the cracks of the boards to see outside, to see sunlight.
She is abruptly thrown on the bed again, and we see her grasping the picture yet again. It falls from her hands and the moving of the bed stops. The man picks up the frame and throws it against the wall. She sits up on the bed, begging and pleading, and he slaps her back onto it, where she lies motionless, numb. He walks out, we follow him outside.
He locks it from outside, puts the key in his pocket.
The camera travels through the house, back to the picture of the step family, now only of the girl and the man.
The girl vanishes.

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