August 5, 2011
I swim all day and swim all night and never stop swimming to sleep. I may only be a sardine, but a rather dignified sardine. I’m only 2 years old, but that’s still older than those smelly people living outside of water. The entire ocean is mine to swim in. From the top of the sunlit zone to the bottom of the abyss, all is mine to swim in; until those smelly people scooped me out of the water. I always wonder where fish go when taken out of the water by these people. Now I know. I was taken to a place where they killed us and canned my dead body up with others like me. But my spirit couldn’t leave because it was tied to my body, so I couldn’t go anywhere. I was thinking, “Something smells fishy here,” when I realized that my can was going to a building where it was exchanged for some sort of flat things and then my can was brought to another smaller place and opened and eaten. How dare they eat me! I was a dignified sardine in the ocean and they eat me! Then finally my soul could leave to that bay window in the sky and my last thought was, “That was really fishy.”

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