The Landscape of My Heart

July 30, 2011
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And it seemed to me that I had fallen into a dream, for never had I seen such fiery bursts and giant rocks. As I slid my hand over the bumpy face I instantly felt the searing pain normally reserved for those in he**. “Am I in he**?”, I wondered to myself, but something told me this place was much worse. The landscape was burnt as far as the eye could see. Beige rocks were everywhere, dotting the horizon like massive tanks. I turned around to see a mountain only comparable to Mt. Vesuvius. The lava bursting forth from its core was red hot, and moving faster then I could run. All along the ground cracks appeared, pulling the ground apart like it was string cheese. The mountain began spewing rock along with lava and I ran to find shelter. It was then that I realized there was no escaping this. The very ground beneath me had begun to crumble, violently shaking the core of my being. A fiery rock struck my chest and the pain was unfathomable. “Help me!”, I screamed, but this was to be my own battle. Soon I would succumb to the pain lodged deep, so very near to my heart…suddenly, I was standing in a brightly lit courtyard, but the pain in my chest was still unbearable. I soon realized this had not been a dream at all, I was merely peering into the sea-green eyes of the one who broke my heart.

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