August 5, 2011
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The streetlight breaks, scattering all around the slummy street. Fists grip tightly around a Louisville baseball bat. Fast breaths disappear in the midnight air. Filthy cusses spill from a baritone voice.

Man, why'd he have to be so damn stupid? He promised to come back with food, with that messed up smile of his, but it's been two days. Two f'in days.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. He had to pick the man in the white, the man with the bodyguards stalking his every little move, the man with the shoes shining like the sun in this dirty city of ours. He had to pick the man with the million dollar watch, of course. It would've been a guaranteed way to get the two of us some Big Macs. I liked him way better than the silver Rolex.

I almost want to hit him. He's still not here. He's givin' me the slip, but he would never abandon me. We've had that sort of bond y'know? He would never abandon me. Not on purpose, I mean. he was the type of dude that would help a guy like me off the streets, even when his own circumstances sucked. I'd been hangin' around him for nearly two years now. Jeez, where'd he go? Talk about being PO'd.


Now it's taken two weeks for him to make contact with me. And it's not even him- it's some fake ass lady on the phone. She's sayin' somethin' about the police. Somethin' about him being found outside some bar. He'd just gotten out from the detainment center for trying to pickpocket a guy off the street. He'd been drunk as hell, and someone in the bar had a knife.

I guess he pissed 'em off.

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