The Legend of Fear

July 30, 2011
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A couple centuries ago there were five powerful families that possessed different powers that made them different from regular people.

The first family consisted of what were called whisperers. The members of the family could get into the minds of any human and could talk to people by getting into their minds. But the members in that family couldn’t over power a mind just a small voice, like a whisper. The name of the family was Conscience.

The second family consisted of shadow movers. The family can move in the shadows and manipulate shapes that make the shadow. They appeared to seem normal in the light but melt into shadows when the sun goes down. The family’s name started as Darkness but then changed to Fear a century later.

The third family was made up of magic users. The people of that family could weave spells that a regular human could only dream of. Therefore the name of the family was Fantasy.

The Fourth family didn’t consist of any special talents that would make them different from a regular human, but their heart and attitudes were different. Instead of being self-full like an ordinary human, they did things for others before themselves. By their good selfless deeds the family was given the name Help.

The fifth family could sense the problems of others. Using their powers for good they performed tasks for people that thought their problems were impossible to fix. The families name was Miracle but then changed to Hope.

After living together in peace for sixty years conflict broke between the families. The problem was the Fear family was getting too strong and making the Hope family weaker. Eventually war broke out. On Hope’s side was Help and on Fear’s side was Fantasy. Conscience couldn’t decide on which side to be on and eventually split in half; one half on Hope’s side and one half on Fear’s side.

The war was gruesome and gory that eventually Hope sacrificed too weak to continue the killing and torturing. Hope retreated into the bodies of every human being to survive. Following Hope’s example Help did the same hoping that the people they would enter would be helping one another. The half of Conscience that was on Hope’s side did the same so that the people will make better decisions.

Frustrated Fear sent Fantasy into the minds of every human to tempt them and contaminate their innocence. After Fantasy left Fear sent the rest of the Conscience family into every human to contradict one member of their family that went against them.

With all the families but Fear inside Fear was left alone to do what they do best, create fear. What Fear didn’t know was that their family started a never ending war inside every human being.

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