All Grown Up

June 23, 2011
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I awoke in a fog. I couldn’t remember what had happened the night before. As I crawled out of bed, I looked at the room I was in. this wasn’t the room I was accustomed to. I rushed to the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror, I saw my normal teenage- self.

I opened my bedroom door and darted into the hallway. My house looked totally different than what I had remembered. It was as if someone had redecorated without my permission.

“Mom! Dad!” I frantically yelled as I rushed through the unfamiliar house.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw a very handsome man whom I didn’t recognize. He looked up at me.

He said, “Good Morning honey! How are you feeling today?” As he tried to kiss me, I jerked away. I couldn’t kiss a stranger.

“What’s wrong babe? Did I do something wrong?” he said as he stared into my eyes as if trying to figure me out.

“Who are you? Why are you in my house?” I replied back with much attitude.

“Annabelle! I’m your husband, Drake Walker. It’s been this way for five years. Why are you acting so weird? Did you bump your head or something?” he asked as he put his hand to my forehead to see if I was running a temperature. I shook his hand off of my head. I started for my bedroom. As I got closer I heard something. I headed towards the noise. I realized it was a song. When I entered my room, I realized that it was a cell phone.

“Does it belong to me?” I asked myself. I picked it up and pressed the accept button.

“Hello? Who is this?” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hey girl! You know who this is!” said the unknown person.

“No I don’t! If I did, I wouldn’t have asked you who you were.” I replied back.

“Anna! It’s me, Aneshia Holland. We’ve been best friends for years! How can you not remember me? We work together!” she said.

“Wait! Where do we work?” I asked with confusion in my voice.

“Are you feeling alright? We co-own a veterinary hospital.” she said as if she thought I was crazy. “I’ll be at your house in five minutes.” “Be ready!” she said.

I asked, “For what?”

She replied as if I were dumb,” For work! Duh! I really don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it needs to be out by the time I get there!”

“Um, okay?” I said a little dumbfounded.

“Yeah. Well, see you in a few! Bye!” she said.

I hung the phone up. I went into the bathroom and gave myself a quick wash-up. Then I opened my drawer to decide what I was going to wear as I look through the clothes, there was nothing cute to wear. After a few minutes of searching, I gave up. A jet black button up, short sleeve shirt and khaki pants would have to do. After I slid into my clothes, I realized I had done nothing to my hair. I walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and untied my scarf from around my head. I opened all the drawers on the sink and searched them all until I found a hairbrush and a comb. After I was finished with my hair, I looked for a toothbrush and a tube of tooth paste. I found them both in the second drawer. I walked into the main part of my bedroom. I needed shoes for the day.

“Hmmm! Now, where would my shoes be?” I thought to myself. I looked around my room. That’s when I noticed a closet in the corner. I walked to it, twisted it, and opened it up. There were tons of dresses and shoes in it. It also contained men’s clothing and shoes, which I guessed were Drake’s. Then, that’s when I saw a pair of shoes that caught my eyes. All black Nike Shocks. Just as I put the second shoe on my foot, over my zebra print socks, and tied the shoelace, I heard “BEEP! BEEP!” It sounded like the horn of a car.

The honking noise was followed by the man that called himself my husband yelling,” Anna! Anneshia’s here! Are you ready?”

I the cell phone that I was on earlier, rushed out of my room, and headed towards the front door. I was met as the door by Drake. He was holding a purse and a ring of keys. He pointed them out towards me.

I asked,” Why are you still in my house and what are those keys for?”

He replied,” You must have bumped your head. I’ll walk you to Aneshia’s car. These are your work keys & the house key”. I took the purse and the ring of keys. As I was walking out the door, he stopped me in my tracks.

“Honey, didn’t you forget something?” Drake said.
I replied,” I don’t think so. What have I forgotten?” He puckered his lips.

“I’m good!” I said. He looked disappointed.

I guess that made him forget about walking me to the car because he shut the front door after I turned around. I walked to Aneshia’s car and hesitated, but got in. As we backed out of my driveway and drove off, she turned up the radio and blasted Nikki Minaj. This was my favorite artist and I knew every word to all her songs. As I started to rap, Aneshia said, “That’s the old Anna I remember!”

When we arrived to the place Aneshia claimed that we owned, it looked nice. I walked into the office, and a really weird lady came up to me.

She said,” Will you make my snake feel better?” It was around her neck.

I screamed and ran to the nearest restroom. I locked the door behind me. I slinked to the floor and wished that everything was back to normal. When I opened my eyes, I was in my normal pink and zebra print room.

“Anna! Breakfast is ready!” my mom yelled. I ran to the kitchen and hugged my mom

“I love you!” I said.

She replied,” I love you more!”
Never again would I wish to be all grown up.

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