the trial

July 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I lay in bed, I can see nothing but darkness and the shadows of my furniture, I can hear only the sound of the clock, tick tock, I can’t sleep… because I’m constantly thinking and my thoughts don't make sense, tick tock, the dark room spins around me going faster and faster, tick tock, un-decided, and angry thoughts are all mixed up inside my head, tick tock, voices whisper in my ear, tick tock, the voices get louder, tick tock and louder until all I can hear is intense chatter all around me, tick tock, the voices grow angrier shadows dance around me, tick tock, going around and around, faster and faster and then…silence, tick tock, The voices stop, tick tock, the shadows no longer dance around me, tick tock, once again all I can hear is the clock, tick tock. everything seems calm, still tick…tock, but I am not alone. I can never escape bec I will never be alone, they follow me, the voices hide inside my head, telling me things, things I shouldn’t know, things I don’t want to know... tick tock, the shadows dance circles around me everywhere I go as if there trying to taunt me, as if there trying to see how far they can push me, tick tock. i get closer and closer I don’t know how much longer I can take it tick tock, the crowd grows bigger, tick tock, I move closer tick tock, my breath gets heavy and hot but my skin is cold as ice, tick tock, closer and closer, a million thoughts run through my head tick tock angry, sad, confused thoughts, tick tock
my heart beats harder…tick tock, I close my eyes…tick tock… turn my back to the life i am leaving…tick tock…take a deep breath and…
Tick… tock

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