Why I Die

October 17, 2007
Their eyes are cold and heartless, the watch-tower tall. They are fat with power while I am but a trace. Twenty years ago tey built that fence. "To keep people out." Is what they said. But they really meant: "To keep people in." Inside this metal wall we have our own town with a school no one enters and a church no one attends. The television is our god, the door our friend. It keeps the bad out and the good in.
We wonder what's going on outside, secretly wishing it was inside. Then maybe we might be alive. We have windows to see out of, but they're all the same view. That's just one way they keep our thoughts out. The library is their headquarters, the school their dungeon. Our walls are dilapidated, but to change that would be to change us all. They watch over us to "protect us", it's really to protect themselves.
I heard of a town once where kids and adults ran free. My neighbors say that our town was like that, but that was twenty years ago. The "people of old" as they are called, were carefree and brlliant, they weren't old until a hundred and three. Now you are born old. Once a child tried to be young. He started to climb the jungle gym. Too bad that jungle gym was the chain length fence. From somewhere, a coward was hiding. That little boy who just wanted fun, was shot down dead by the coward's gun. His family cried, his family weeped. "At least you still have me." I said. That was ten years ago.
Now I am eighteen. I have a wife and two kids who live in fear. Everyday I remember my older brother. I want my family to be free that is why I'm doing what must be done. If I end up dead, I'll at least know I did something in the end. I love my wife, I love my kids. I want their lives free of strife. I want my little angels to grow up in a world without limits, without the fence. I want them to grow up free.

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