A Rainy Day

October 17, 2007
Lisa sat under the bus shelter hiding from the rain. Her coat was completely soaked. As were her socks and shoes. The time was 2:30pm.

Lisa took off her coat and shook it out. She then sat down on the bench and dumped the water out of her shoe. Once all the water was out she put her shoes back on. The bus pulled up and she got on. The time was 2:48pm.

Lisa walked to the back of the bus and sat down. The heater was directly behind her. Aiding in the drying of her wet clothes. The time was 3:00pm.

The bus drove down the roads of its route. Stopping when the cord was pulled. Or when someone stood in the rain waiting for the bus. The brakes brought the bus to a slow stop. The time was 3:30pm.

The rain was now pouring from the clouds. The roads were becoming slick with rain. When the bus driver used the breaks it took longer to stop the bus. The time was 4:00pm.

Now the wind had picked up. Causing the rain to drive down with a fierce power. Driving conditions were getting worse by the second. The time was 4:15pm.

The bus approached the hill with caution. It was part of the route so they must go up the hill. Gently the bus driver drove up the hill. The tires started to roll backwards. The time was 4:30pm.

In the matter of second the bus was rolling backwards down the hill. The breaks did not stop or even slow the bus down. Instead it picked up speed. The time was 4:60 and 45pm.

Quickly the bus reaches a speed of 75 miles per hour. As the bus sped down the street it came in contact with a car. This caused the bus to swerve, hitting a building. The time was4:32pm.

People crawled out of the bus. The back of the bus was wrecked. Lisa was squeezed between two pieces of metal. Screaming for help. The time was 4:33pm.

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