Hunter's Moon

October 15, 2007
The air fills my lungs as I run. Big willows tower above me. There branches hang over head not moving. The moon in the sky lights up the willow forest. Casting eerie shadows accrossed the moss covered floor. Little patches of morel mushroom sit in groups on the moss. The mushroom is edible and can be picked in the early summer and early fall right before winter. Kicking my moccasins off I wiggle my toes and take a deep breath. Tonight’s the night the elk of the forest will appear at the lake in the middle of the forest. Only when the elf of the forest is present does the moon flower bloom opening its leaves which reveal purple and white petals. A light mist floats accrossed the moss covered floor. I walk faster through the forest bear feet wet and cool feeling. Passing willow after willow running as if my life depended on it. Suddenly I stop and quickly get down on my knees. Ahead of me is the lake. Its crystal clear water flowing from a single source a water fall with a hidden cave in the back. The smell of fur is close. I reposition my arrow to take aim at the elk as it enters the clearing. Its giant antlers grow over 2 meters in size and its broad shoulders and a big thick coat of fur dwarf everything else. At its ankles white fur grow out over its hooves. I pull tightly on my bow close my left eye. But suddenly I am in awe as billions of plants ranging from the tawny milk cap mushroom to the blood red poinsettia. I drop my bow and continue to stare as the elk takes a drink.

“Hello great forest elk” I realize what I had just said stops the elks focus. He suddenly turns his attention to me.

His large nostrils taking in all the smells around him. Turning its antlers and looking towards the opening. With one loud elk call he walks away from the lake. I walk home that day with a new since of respect for the beast in the forest.

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