What Strikes At Midnight?

October 15, 2007
By Kaitlyn Arnold, Alfred, ME

“Meoww,Meoww”. The cat scratches at the door,whining to get outside. Little did we know what was about to happen. My Dad got out of bed and walked down the soft stairs quietly like ever morning at three o’clock. He reaches for the golden doorknob and gracefully opens it up. Then a roar came from the outside. The door is seeming as if it is is pushing my Dad up against the wall. ”Oh man!”He screamed.

With all he’s might he pushes up against the door, not letting whatever it is in. Once more my Dad gives a last shove and closes the door shut. Finally I realize that the sounds I was hearing were not in my dreams but in realty. ”Daddy”! I screamed. “Scott?” My Mom adds.

I quickly throw the sheets off of me and bolted out of my bed. Meeting me there was my Mom with her hands over her heart. My Dad’s back was against the door with his eyes wide open, breathing heavily. “Im ok”. He replied.

“What in the world was that?” I asked trying to stay brave. “ I have no idea but whatever it was it wants in.”

My Dad slowly got up and shook of the fear.

”What about Princess what if it got Princess!” I screamed.

“She’ll be fine hunny.” My mom promised. Once my dad safely got to the top of the stairs, I got my pillow and stuffed animals and slept on the floor in my Mom and Dad’s room. I looked out the fogged up window to find that our motion light had gone off. I kept telling myself it was probably just a frog that set it off,and besides how would somebody know that my Dad was going to open the door for my cat. But then I thought to myself..who said it was a someone?

I didn’t get back to sleep that night,not even once did I shut my eyes. The noises replayed over and over again, the fear never seemed leave. I prayed more then three thousand times that the creature would not ever come back again and wouldn’t get into our house.

Morning came,the fog eased,and the birds started to chirp. I got up quietly so I wouldn’t wake my parents up,somehow they managed to get to sleep. My eyes were burning and dry from barley getting any sleep. I walked down the stairs with my heart pounding faster at every step I took.

I finally got to the end of the stairs face to face with the door. A million questions were rushing through my mind. But my curiosity overcame the questions and fear. I slowly reached for the golden door knob, it seemed more shiny then it has ever been,and the door seemed bigger. As soon as my figures touched I swung the door open holding my breath and just waiting to be amazed!

I squeezed my eyes shut as the cold air pierced my face . I opened one eye at a time. Out of know where my cat comes flying inside and darts towards her food. Even though that was enough of a surprise ,I kept looking in front of me and to the side’s of me but nothing, not knowing what was going to happen; is it going to jump out at me? I Looked around one last time, to find nothing but a large box hanging from the outside doorknob,with holes and indents throughout the box. A smile formed onto my face and, laughter exploded out not under my control. Ok so I slept on the floor all night, almost peed my pants,didn’t get any sleep,and listened to my mom snore all night for nothing!I thought to myself. I pulled the bag with the deadly box in it off the doorknob and opened it up. It was my new cell phone! After I was done I was done with all the excitement and realizing that I almost died because of a box I went up stairs, got into my bed and drifted off thinking about the crazy night.

Although we found out what was at the door, we never found out what set off the motion light. So who knows maybe the box had a little help.

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