October 14, 2007
By angela corbett, Cincinnati, OH

There will be a time when we will never die. Technology will nearly wipe out disease, with the latest machinery. Mechanical hearts will thump and electrically charged pulses will tick like wristwatches. Rubber shards and electric wiring will replace the wads of muscle that lived long ago. A memory chip brain will bleed with octane and veins will run black with oil and tar. There will be a time where coffins scarcely exist. No death, and nothing to destroy but yourself. What of emotion? And thoughts? And souls? A mind most complexly stitched together with wires and plugs could not wrap around a concept such as love. There is no need for marriage in a world where children come straight from factories speaking in six different languages. There will be a time when we will never die. And what will happen then? Chaos? Where will the moral soul survive in a body built for war? Will machines replace human individuality? Only the future will tell. There will be a time when we never die… but will it be our end?

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