Saturday Night

October 13, 2007
"How did this happen?" I ask myself as I sit alone on a Saturday night. Why can't anything good ever happen to me? I had the best boyfreind and the perfect inner circle and now I'm sitting alone on a Saturday night while they're all out at a party and I wasn't invited. Why did he have to dump me. Why did my freinds have to decide to hate me. I never did anything to them. And then there's Skyler the new guy in my mind. He's perfect. Yet, he tells me he likes me but he also likes Michelle. What does she have that I don't? How can he not like me more? I've done everything right. I've tried so hard. What ever happened to karma I know i do good but everything that comes my way is bad. Ring...Ring..."Katey" "Oh hey Skyler" "Would you like to get lunch this afternoon?" Maybe things are starting to look up.

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