What Monkeys Have Befallen Us?

October 8, 2007
By Ryan Huether, West Palm Beach, FL

The icy glare of those yellow eyes had held his attention for the past five minutes. It felt as if the life was slowly being drained from his body, limbs growing numb as he was lost in the hypnotic stare of the wild beast.

John Oswald was Eddy the monkey's newest addition to his unwilling army of hypnotized followers. So far his fighting force numbered 7,000,000.

They never knew what happened to themselves, they'd visit the zoo, look at the monkeys and then lock eyes with Eddy. They would stare at each other, the human's weak mind helpless to the invasive thoughts of the telepathic primate.

Soon they would become aware again, not completely sure of what had just occurred and go home were they would subconsciously await the signal that would send them raging into the streets, rioting.

They are waiting, all over the nation, the zoo's visitors are waiting, waiting for the signal, that signal mental pulse that will send them into a fit of violent rage. And you could be one of them.

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