Knights in Armor: The mysterious Door Man?

October 8, 2007
Chapter 1

The last days

Once upon a time there was a little princess her name was Sarah she wanted the prince charming of her dreams. So one day her father came to her and told her that he was going to a battle he told her that he may not even come back because he was fighting against the most powerful king. The father told her that he will hold a joust contest, to see who is the most loyal and noble to take care of the most precious Sarah. So the next day the father had one of the servants help him deliver the invitations to most of the men in the kingdom.

While they were both at church there was a messenger that came to the door and left a message so terrifying that would change Sarah’s life forever. The message said: “Here ye Here ye this is a message from the king tell the owner of this place that he must be going to battle at once!” As soon as Sarah and her father were done reading that, Sarah could hear something rustling in the bush right next to her. Then all of a sudden the king’s servant came popping out of the bushes and scared Sarah’s father into the king’s other servant who was holding a dagger. The dagger went straight through Sarah’s father like knife cutting through butter. Sarah felt as if she went through a night mare, but it wasn’t really a night mare, it was real life. The next thing she knew her father was on the hard stone paved ground, and her socks and shoes were getting soaked with blood.

“Father who do you think could’ve done this?” she sobbed as she shot a nasty look where the two servants were, but they were gone.

Chapter 2:

Prince Eric

The next day Sarah went to the jousting tournament there she saw her best friend in the whole world or at least the whole U.K.

“Hi Sarah how are you?” asked Mia sympathetically.

“Oh I guess I’m fine, a little shocked though.” said Sarah.

“I see you’ve found your prince charming you were looking for!” said Mia, sarcastically.

“Oh, gee thanks,” said Sarah, playing along, “ok, I think we have to go and see if anybody won the jousting contest.” They were walking to over where the champion’s tent was when all of a sudden they saw Lucy and Lucas, Sarah’s step sister and brother. They didn’t look anything like Sarah at all because Sarah’s dad and step mom got married, but Sarah’s step mother died of a serious disease that the doctors couldn’t diagnose.

“Well, well, well would you look at that, Sarah and Whina-Mia.” Said Lucy, talking as if she would to a baby.

“Lucy can you please stop making those remarks, because once I’m married I’ll be over you,” said Sarah, with confidence.

“Hmm…Lucy did that sound like a threat to you, because I remember dad saying that if any of us were giving any kind of threats, then that he or she wont be allowed to rule.” Said Lucas, in his my sister and I are better than you voice.

“C’mon Sarah,” said Mia. When she said that, a boy accidentally bumped into her.

“Hey watch it!” cried Mia.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” said the strange boy, “hey maybe you can help me find a Princess Sarah.” Sarah walked out from behind Mia, and faced something more amazing than any other prince charming she’s imagined in her life.

“So I heard that you were the winner of the joust, so were you?” asked the curious Sarah.

“Yeah…I knocked two other men off of their horses,” said the strange boy.

“May I ask your name?” asked Sarah.

“Oh, sorry where are my manners my name is Prince Eric,” he said. Sarah gazed at him for the longest time as if found something very familiar to him. Prince Eric had the most dreamy blue eyes and short dirty blonde hair. Mia thought Eric was a perfect match for Sarah, because Sarah had blue eyes and blonde hair too.

“Do I…know you from some where, like the annual ball or something?” asked the mesmerized Sarah.

“I don’t really know, but I think your father and I have acquainted before,” said Eric, plainly, “poor chap though he was a good man.”

“Okay Eric, in order for you to be my prince you have to complete some tasks,” said Sarah. They started to walk home, and when they got home there was another message on the door. It read “Here ye, Here ye I came for Sarah, but instead I kidnapped your friend, Mia. If you want to see her again then give the crown to me!”

Chapter 3: The Real ‘Eric’

“Oh no we have to save her!” cried Sarah.

“No we mustn’t now we might get caught,” yelled Eric, “we have to plan it!”

“Yeah you’re right, Eric, but remember you still have to complete your first task,” Said Sarah, “although I do get to choose the first task.” Said Sarah, slyly.

“Okay your first task is to make a plan to rescue Mia, then I will go to the annual ball with you after we save Mia.” Said Sarah.

“Okay, fine but tomorrow in the morning, I’m really tired.” Said the sleepy Eric. Sarah went up into the tower where her is. Then she started to get dressed in her night gown. All of a sudden Eric came in and hugged Sarah goodnight. When it was morning Sarah got up and got dressed for a tea party. Her step sister and step brother had to go to the tea party, but Lucas and Lucy were nowhere to be found. Sarah and Eric went off to look for them.

“But we need to do the plan-…” said Sarah sounding scared

“We can make a plan at the tea party, but right now Lucas and Lucy need our help!” cried Eric.

“Okay then I’ll take the downstairs, and you take the upstairs.” Said Sarah, strategically. Sarah ran downstairs which she saw a note on the wall, it read:

“If you want to see Lucas, Lucy or Mia again give up your crown to me!”

“Oh,” thought Sarah to her self it’s all fitting together now, first my mom, then dad, next Mia, now Lucy and Lucas, it’s coming after me next, but who could’ve done this!”

“The king, that’s my grandfather!” Sarah said out loud. Then a voice so close it made the hairs on Sarah’s neck stand up.

The person said, “Yes that’s right your grandfather, he’s the one who wants you either out of this kingdom or dead, so then he sent me to his dirty work.”

“You know that night your father went down, I decided to enter myself into the jousting contest, so I can wiggle my way in, so I could get the crown for your king!”

“Eric how could you,” cried Sarah, “I trusted you, and…oh you twisted little lying squirm!”

“My name’s not Eric it’s Derek.” Said Derek.

“Go away I’ll do whatever you want, but don’t harm any of my friends of family!” sobbed Sarah.

“Oh and Sarah your step siblings are downstairs in the cupboard.” Added Derek. When he said that he exited, the house through a tiny door in the wall.

Chapter 4: Tea party Plans

Sarah went down stairs as fast as she could then opened the downstairs cupboard. Then Lucy and Lucas fell out of the cupboard, because apparently Lucas kept a set of tools in there just in case.

“What took you so long?” asked Lucy.

“Yeah, Derek the doorman, locked us in here!” said Lucas sounding scared.

“Oh so that’s why Eric looked so familiar he looks like Derek the door man.” Said Sarah.

“So where’s the real Eric?” asked Sarah.

“I don’t the last time we saw him he was looking for you,” Lucas said, “he said that he needed to talk, and he said it was important.

“That’s probably what he needed to tell me, he probably wanted me to know that Derek is bad.” Said Sarah. As soon as that was said then there came a voice.

“Help!...Help!” cried a voice that sounded very close.

“Eric!?” cried, Lucas and Lucy together in unison.

“Where are you?” shouted Sarah.

“I’m in here!” shouted Eric

“In the closet?” said Lucy.

“Yes in the closet, Derek bound and knocked me out, and he acted like me.” Said Eric.

“Where’s the key to the door?” asked Sarah.

“It’s above the door on the ledge.” Said Eric, quickly. Sarah got the key and unlocked the door, and unbound Eric.

“Uh…thank you, but enough of the lovey dovey stuff, right now we need to get to the tea party and make a plan.” Said Eric. As they walked to the main hall they started to formulate a plan.

“Ok, Lucas, do you have the medallion I told you to get?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how this is going to defeat the king.” Said Lucas.

“Yes, but remember the coat of arms that is the symbol of our family,” Sarah said, as they got to the tea party, “any body who has it is protected, the kings laws.”

“Oh so now I get it when we get there Lucas and Lucy gives the medallion to Mia, so she could be protected, then when Lucas and Lucy gives the medallion to Mia, then the knights have to come and try to defeat the king.” Said Eric. As soon as the last pastry had been eaten they all started home and they went to bed and waited until morning to do the plan.

Chapter 5: Plan Mia

“Good morning everybody” said Sarah, cheerily. Although it really wasn’t, because Sarah didn’t make it all the way upstairs, so then she decided to sleep on the big sofa.

“C’mon every one let’s go and defeat the king. Said, the excited Lucas. While Lucy and Eric was getting up.

“Ok since when everybody is up I think we should have a big breakfast, and then everybody be suited and geared up and meet back here in the living room then room, then we shall leave.” Said Eric, with courage and strength. As soon as everybody had a big breakfast the men suited up in armor, and the men got weapons. Eric a sword and a shield, and Lucas had his sword, shield, and medallion. (Which he and his sister switched off and on.) The girls wore their normal dresses with corsets, and they both also had a dagger by their side. All four of them had their own horses to ride, but Eric had decided to let the girls ride with the guys, so it could be a lot faster and much easier. (Though Sarah thought that Eric wanted the girls to ride with the guys, so Sarah could ride with Eric.) Sarah, Eric, Lucas and Lucy all went down to the stables. Eric and Lucas saddled up the two best horses, and then all four of them were off to the castle of the king.

“Lucas, do you remember the plan that I told you to do?” asked Eric.

“Yes, Lucy and I go and find Mia, and we give her the signal to the knights, then we come and meet you back at the gate with Mia.” Said Lucas trying to remember everything.

As soon as they got there they went in the back way so the guards wont see them. Lucas and Lucy went straight to work, the both of them tried to find the tower that Eric said that Mia would be in. Lucy was the one who found it first, but it was heavily guarded, so Lucas was forced to fight the three guards.

Lucas took his sword and shield and swung at the guards. He kept on hitting them with his shield and sword until finally one of them got exhausted then Lucas clobbered the guard with his shield. The guard fell flat on his back.

“Oh nice one, Lucas.” Said Lucy.

“Thanks,” said Lucas, “watch out Lucy!”

Lucy had that dagger out in a heart beat. The second guard blocked the first blow, then finally Lucy managed to stick the dagger into the guard’s leg, causing him to be unable to move.

“Yes!” cried Lucas in a triumphant tone.

As soon as the third guard saw what Lucy did to the second guard, he ran off in another direction. The both of them ran up the tower of stairs, when they got to Mia she got up and hugged Lucas.

“Oh Am I so glad to see you guys, but where’s Sarah and Eric?” asked Mia.

“They’re keeping watch downstairs.” Said Lucy.

“Oh that’s good because the king is keeping a good watch on me.” Said Mia.

“Oh…well they could probably handle what ever comes.” Said Lucas. As he sticks his sword out the window and waves it so the knights could see the signal.

“Here,” said Lucas, giving the medallion to Mia, “it would protect you against the king and his knights.

“C’mon, Mia, hurry up we have to go before that runaway guard goes and blabs to the king.” Said Lucy.

Chapter 6: Lucas and Lucy

As they went downstairs they heard somebody coming, so then they to go down the stairs as fast as they could. When the group descended the last stair they ran toward the gate where prince Eric and Sarah is.

“Oh my gosh what happened!” cried Mia, while she looked at Eric who was unconscious on the ground.

“Well…whatever happened it looks like they took Sarah with them.”

“Unh...wha…what happened,” asked Eric, “all I remember is that I was talking to Sarah then all of sudden I was hit from behind in the head.”

“Where’s Sarah?” asked Eric.

“ better sit down for this, because the king’s guard took Sarah,” said Mia, “I’m not sure what they’ll do to her, but it sounded like the king wanted the throne and after that he’ll probably send her away or even worse, kill her!”

“! that can’t happen,” cried Eric, “ I’m going to save her!”

“No,” shouted Lucas, we can’t yet, we need to come back to the house to make another plan!”

“Lucas is right let’s go to the house,” said Lucy, C’mon let’s go.”

They all went on the horses and rode off towards to the house. It was a quiet ride to the house. As soon as they went to the house they got a shock. There were several guards at the house.

“No! how could this be.” Shouted Eric.

“You,” he said coldly as he pointed to Lucas, did you have anything to do with this!”

“Alright I confess I did do it, as we were hired to do the job the king gave me the medallion, which the king implanted a tracer chip, so then I gave it to Mia, and it traced us all the way from the castle so the guards found us first.” Said Lucas, plainly as though it had been rehearsed.

“Though when we saw that you like Sarah then we didn’t want to be on the king’s side anymore.” Said Lucy.

“So were sorry.” Said Lucas.

“Yes really really really sorry, and we want to be on your side we would do anything for you, to help you get Sarah back.” Said Lucy, apologetically.

“Anything eh?” asked Eric, as he formulated a plan in his head.

Chapter 7: Eric Rescues Sarah

“Do you think that’s going to work?” asked Eric.

“Yeah, so we have to distract the guards anyway we want, while you go and get Sarah from the king.” Said Lucas, cheerfully.

“yep,” said Eric, “then we go to the ball the day after tomorrow.”

Then all of them went to sleep, but before they went to sleep Lucas hugged Mia good night. The next morning Lucas and Mia woke up first, next it was Lucy then shortly after it was Eric. Yesterday he felt as if he would never see Sarah again, but today he was going to get her back. Lucas, Lucy, Mia, and Eric got ready to go rescue Sarah, when all of a sudden they heard the door slam.

“What was that!” cried Lucy.

“It must’ve been the wind.” Said Eric, although the wind wasn’t blowing.

“That wasn’t the wind blowing, Eric, it was Derek the doorman.” Said Lucy

“Oh well we’ll just have to move around him then,” said Eric, “I’m sure wont put a conflict against our plan.”

They all got on two horses again, this time Mia and Lucas were on a horse and Lucy and Eric were on a horse. Then they were off to the king’s castle once again. It was a quiet ride all the way to the castle. As soon as they got there Lucas and Lucy started to distract the guards.

“Hey guardie come here we want you to help us to betray Eric, but we don’t know what to do.” Said Lucas.

“Let’s go Lucas, they can’t help us.” Said Lucy.

“Wait come back we’ll help you!” shouted one of the guards.

“Oh good maybe you could me with this.” Said Lucy as she grabbed the guard’s hair and pulled his head down hard onto the wooden table.

“Oh good one sis!” shouted Lucas.

Mean while Eric was waiting for Lucy to knock out the guard. Then Eric went upstairs when he climbed the third to the last of the stairs, when he saw Sarah.

“Oh Eric I thought I’ll never see you again!” cried Sarah.

“I know I thought so too!” cried Eric.

Eric untied Sarah, then she dropped to the ground, she was levitated a little.

“Don’t Eric get out of here it’s a trap!” cried Sarah.

As soon as that was said Eric drew his sword, but someone from behind pushed through Eric with his dagger.

Chapter 8: Medicine

“Oh my goodness Eric are you okay,” sobbed Sarah, “talk to me!”

“Derek you little monster!” screamed Sarah, as she took out her dagger, and slashed Derek across the face which caused to make a mark across his face. It also caused him to leave the room immediately.

“What happened?” came a voice that sounded so close it made Sarah jump.

“Oh it’s only you guys,” said Sarah, relieved, “Derek stuck Eric with this dagger…”

“What’s wrong Sarah?” asked Lucy.

“This is the same dagger that Derek the door knob used to kill my father with.

“We need to make some medicine quick or else he’ll…he’ll…you know.” Said Lucas.

Sarah was absolutely prepared for anything, Sarah pulled out two bottles, which one of the bottles had grainy white stuff in it, the other bottle had blue perfume smelling water in it.

“I put it my just in case if something were to happen again.” Explained Sarah.

Lucas turned Eric over to his side, then Sarah rubbed the medicine into Eric’s cut. It healed automatically, although he wont be awake yet he’ll still be unconscious for a while.

“Well since when he’s all better I need to tell you this important info,” said Lucas, “the knights tried to find the king but apparently we can’t find him they’ve looked everywhere.”

“Oh well we don’t have to worry about him, he’s not that important, but who important is Derek, so let’s go and try to find him.” Said Sarah.

When they started to carry Eric downstairs he began to gain consciousness.

“Welcome back,” all of them said, “we’re just taking you downstairs.”

“We’re going to try to find Derek, but the king is no where to be found.” Said Sarah.

Chapter 9:Bad Bribery

The next morning they rode off back to Sarah’s house.

“Oh Eric I’m so very glad that you’re okay!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Yeah I’m happy too because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to do this.” Said Eric but just as he was going to lean in for the kiss the door bell rang.

“I’ll get it!” cried Lucy, but as soon as she got to the door she said “Hey Eric, Sarah you guys might want to come and see this!” yelled Lucy.

Sarah and Eric both exchanged glances and hurried to the door. They saw Derek the door man at the door.

Eric said, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m coming here to tell you that I didn’t mean to steal Sarah away from you,” said Derek, “ the king made me because he said if you don’t get rid of Sarah I will hurt you and your only brother, Eric.”

“So I want to side with you.” Said Derek.

“That’s great!” cried Lucy.

That night they ate dinner and for what Lucas could tell, his sister liked Derek.

“Hey I was wondering Lucy, can you go- you know…can you go to the ball with me?” asked Derek.

“Well I…I… guess I could since when my brother is going to the ball with Mia.” Said Lucy, as she ate the last bite of her mousse dessert.

“Oh thank-you Mia, I’ve been trying to ask you all along, but I couldn’t find the courage to ask.” Said the embarrassed Derek.

Chapter 10: The Annual Ball Dresses

Meanwhile Lucy, and Sarah went to go and pick out their dresses. They wanted their dresses to be so elegant that people didn’t even make them in any stores anymore so they had to get their dresses custom made at Sarah’s house! While the girls’ dresses were being made the guys were getting ready for the ball they had their suits on. They wanted to formal and also look cute for the girls. Lucas had on a silver looking shirt and some jeans, and Eric had on a gold metallic looking shirt and some jeans as well, and Derek had a blue metallic looking shirt on and jeans too.

“Oh my gosh finally our dresses are done they look so totally beautiful I’m very excited!” exclaimed Lucy.

Lucy’s dress looked very beautiful it had white trimmings and its main color was light purple and the magnificent dress had gold accents, and the cape was green. Sarah’s dress was fit for a princess it was a white dress with sparkles that shine like the stars, and her cape was crimson red with a hood. The cape also had sparkles. Now Mia’s dress was the most beautiful of them all. Her dress was red with grey trimmings, and it had gold accents and her cape was purple.

As soon as they were all ready they went downstairs.

“Whoa you guys look great!” said Mia, as they got into their horse drawn carriage.

Mia sat near Lucas and Lucy sat near Derek and Sarah sat by her beloved prince Eric.

“My you look very beautiful!” said Prince Eric to Sarah.

Eric leaned in for the kiss, but just then they went over a sudden “thud” so then Eric decided not to kiss Sarah because he wanted to wait for the perfect moment, and that wasn’t the perfect moment in the carriage. Instead Sarah then just gave Eric a gentle nudge and fell asleep.

“Wake up you sleepy heads, we’re here!” said Lucas, happily.

Eric and Sarah woke up, they were very happy they were there finally.

“Man it feels as if we’ve been in there for a long time.” Said the, weary-eyed Eric.

When they got to the beautifully decorated front doors (which was three fourths of the way covered with a wreath with beautiful red, green, and gold glass balls.) They knocked with the great lion head knocker.

“Whoa, look at that, what is that?” exclaimed Lucas.

“I think that’s the lock.” Said Mia.

“Look at what its doing!” cried Lucy.

The door was groaning and moaning, but it wasn’t only the door it was the lock too.

Chapter 11: The Lock and the Grand Entry

The lock turned an orange-pink opaque until it turned to a bright crimson red.

“Wow that’s really pretty, why does it change colors?” asked the curious Lucas.

“It changes color to unlock it self, the owner set it to do only for tonight.” Said Eric.

Suddenly the lock turned to aqua blue, it was as blue as Eric’s eyes. Finally at last the door creaked and it opened. The light that came from that grand antechamber was immense with light. Not with powerful bright light, but with soft warm light that was welcoming. The inside was even more beautiful than the outside. The inside was decorated with the most beautiful Christmas decorations. There was a Noble Fir tree with a very elegant angel on the top. Which the tree was almost touching the ceiling, and the tree was decorated with lights and green, red, and gold glass balls. Also the tree was decorated with tinsel, alternating with the red, gold, and green glass balls.

There was an enormous fireplace where the warm welcoming light was coming from.

“Wow the tree’s really beautiful!” gasped Lucy.

“Yeah, C’mon lets go the ball is about to start.” Said Derek.

They went through the second door, the main part of the castle was about as beautiful as the room before. There was about two hundred people at the ball. When the five of them got to the butler he called out their names “Princess Sarah of Gerbshire and Prince Eric of Knauer, and Princess Lucy of Gerbshire and Prince Derek of Knauer, and Maiden Mia of peterstown and Prince Lucas of Gerbshire!”

“Yay! We’re in at last I love annual balls!” shrieked Mia, as they sat down to eat their dinner because it was a tradition to eat before they danced the night away. Lucy had some roast turkey and apricot pudding and a glass of apple cider. Mia had some marinated pork chops and some apple pie and a glass of hot chocolate. Eric had the same thing as Mia, and Sarah had the same thing as Lucy. What Lucas had for dinner was stir fry with a Caesar salad and he had a glass of water.

“Oh man I’m so stuffed,” said Lucas.

“I know that was good food I wish I had more,” groaned Sarah.

Just as Sarah was about to grab for another piece of turkey the butler said over the people

“Let the dance begin!”

Mid and Lucas, Sarah and Eric, and Lucy and Derek all went to the dance floor and started to dance. The song was a waltz, and right after the first song something miraculous happened. Eric got down on one knee in front of Sarah, and he pulled something out then he asked Sarah something “Sarah will you Marry me?” asked Eric, who was about to burst into tears of joy.

Sarah, who was feeling as if she was about to faint said “Oh my goodness I’m speechless I…I… well ok!!” Finally Eric got to kiss Sarah and he thought now it’s the right time. They went out side then there was another miracle it was snowing.

“Now we get to spend time together for the rest of our lives.” Said Eric, excitedly.

And They Lived Happily Ever After or is it ??

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