My Room

October 10, 2007
My room’s extremely messy. Mother’s angry with me because I won’t clean it up. Well, I refuse to. I’m frustrated enough as it is because I can’t find my favorite pair of socks. Now I have to clean up my whole room? No way! I will not. How dare she yell at me about something as simple as my room! You know what? She wants to see a dirty room? I’ll give it to her. I’ll just throw my pajamas that are on my bed onto the floor. And I’ll mess up my whole bed. Here, the pillows don’t need to be on the bed, do they? Let’s see how angry she gets when she sees this! And maybe I’ll even take some of my shirts out of the closet and throw them randomly around the room. Let’s see what she has to say about that! Ugh! I hate when my mother is like this. Why can’t she just leave the room alone, like I do? Why does it matter so much? It’s not like people are judging my room or anything. I can’t wait to see my mom’s reaction when she sees my room now!
Well, now it’s time to find my socks. Where’d they go? I just wore them this morning! Alright, let’s start looking. I begin to search through out my whole room. It’s difficult now because all my clothes are on the floor. Well, that wasn’t smart. Now my room’s even messier AND I still can’t find my socks!
This isn’t working out. Maybe they’re under my pajamas? Here, I’ll put them back in the drawer and hopefully my socks will be underneath them. Nope, not there. Argh! So now I’m onto searching next to my bed. Maybe they’re underneath the pillows I threw? I’ll just put them back on my bed and maybe I’ll find them! Ugh, still no. Well, my socks could be lost within the pile of shirts I threw onto the floor earlier. I’ll just have to put the shirts away and maybe then I’ll be successful in finding my socks!
Ok, my socks are still missing. I guess I’ll have to put everything away to find them. I know they’re in here somewhere! The shirts are back where they belong, my bedding is where it needs to be, and all the other clothing that was on my floor are now back in my closet.
I found the socks! Turns out they were underneath my rug actually.
Wait. When did I have a rug? I guess it’s been hidden underneath all the clothing I leave on the floor this whole time! And my lost bracelets under here! And my lost shoe, my lost shorts, my lost barrette, wow. It’s like a lost and found under this! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I should keep my room a little cleaner so I don’t lose all my things anymore. It sure is a pain and I still don’t think it needs to be spotless like my mother so clearly thinks. But I do now realize that maybe if my room is cleaner, it won’t be so difficult to find my belongings. I hate when mother frustrates me, but I hate it even more when she’s right.

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