Never Get In Cars With Strangers

October 10, 2007
By Kelly Beachnau, Westfield, IN

It’s a Friday night in the small town of Westfield, Indiana and a close group of high school seniors are lounging at Ben’s house looking for something fun to do. Laura suggests the movies.
“We do that every weekend! We’ve seen everything they’re showing!” responds Danielle, “I hate living in this boring town.”
“What about bowling, bowling is fun, right?” asks Kathy.
“No Kathy the only one who likes bowling is you” Betsy snaps back. “Let’s go to a college party! Like a real one, with tons of cute college guys, and beer pong, and loud music!”
Everyone thinks it would be fun because they’ve never been to one, Jake volunteers to drive because he’s the most responsible. Ben, Jake, Laura, Danielle, Kathy, and Betsy all climb into Jake’s truck and they head off to Ball State, about 2 hours away.

“Change the song, I hate this song” demands Betsy.
“What?! I can’t hear you!” says Jake.
“Betsy, seriously, chill out we aren’t even there yet,” says Kathy.
“Do you think this is a good idea guys? I mean don’t bad things happen at parties?” voices Laura.
“You’ll be fine Laura, we won’t let anything happen to you” responds Ben, “just everybody stay together, and we’ll be fine.”
“Hey dude is this my exit?” Jake asks Ben. They get off the exit and enter campus.
“Where is everybody? It’s a Friday night!” says Danielle.
“Danielle, they’re at the party already, duh” says Betsy. They speed over to their friend Scott’s house, after getting lost in town, for 20 minutes.

Everybody strolls into the house, there is alcohol everywhere.
“Give me a beer! Woo party time!” screams Betsy.
“This isn’t even where the party is, we have to walk about a quarter mile down the street,” says Scott. Everyone gathers their cell phones, cameras, and alcohol and gets ready to head out; Scott has a backpack filled with beer. About 15 minutes later they know they are close everyone can hear the loud music bumping. They all arrive at the party. Everybody starts having a good time; they are all consuming lots of alcohol and are intoxicated at this point. Ben sneaks out front to smoke a cigarette with two beers in his hand. Two police cars pull up to the side walk, four officers get out with their hands on their holsters. They instruct him not to go back in the house. Ben gets scared and hustles back into the house. Cops can only mean one thing, busted. He yells to everyone,
“COPS, COPS, COPS, EVERYBODY RUN.” There isn’t any time to think, everybody was climbing out windows, going out the back door, jumping fences, and getting away.

A block down the road, Ben is carrying drunken Betsy, Laura and Danielle are holding each other up, Jake and Kathy are still sprinting to keep up and get away. By this point, they are all confused, drunk, and tired. They pass a house on Bethel Street, where a girl is leaving. She looks like she is from around the town she has on a Ball State shirt, and was really pretty, maybe in a sorority. Jake nerves up and asks her for directions back to Scott’s house. “Oh I know right where that is, I’m going to a friend’s house who lives by there, I can take you,” says the girl her eyes sharpened. “I promise, I haven’t been drinking, and I’m not one of those scary serial killers” she said with a nervous laugh. All the kids just want to get away from the cops, so they decide to take the girl up on this offer.

Little does everyone know, they were climbing into the car of a serial killer. Claire used to be a nice college sophomore. One summer night, Claire and her boyfriend David went out to dinner. Everything was great, he brought her a red rose, “to match your lipstick” he said. She gave him a big smooth on his cheek, leaving behind an inkblot of red lipstick. On their way home they were driving a considerable speed, a large SUV pulls out in front of them. David is thrown from his seat, and was killed instantly. Claire escaped with minor injuries, due to her seatbelt. The last thing Claire saw on her dying boyfriend was her red lips in his cheek.

Everyone is starting to pile into her small silver Impala, Laura and Danielle sit in the front seat together, Ben puts the passed out Betsy in the back seat, and Kathy sits next to her pulling out her compact and fixing her hair. Just as Ben and Jake start to climb in, Claire flirtatiously calls them over to the door step. “You boys look strong; do you think you can move the junk in my trunk, into the house?” They agree, since she was nice enough to drive them. They are behind the trunk when Claire appears with 2 syringes, full of a sedative. She sticks each of them in the arm, applies a fresh coat of red lipstick, kisses them both on the cheek, and piles them into her trunk. She told the other passengers that Ben and Jake are walking home, with an evil smile on her face, they didn’t ask anymore questions, but they were still suspicious.

On her way to take the drunken gang to their destination, Claire insists on stopping at a gas station, “I need cigarettes!” she insists. No body tries to fight it. She asks Laura if she will grab her purse out of the trunk for her. Claire could sense Laura’s nervousness from the beginning. Laura goes around to the trunk, followed by Claire, the trunk opens. Laura tries to scream at the sight of Ben and Jake’s bodies, Claire slits Laura’s throat. Getting rid of her now would be better than later. Before she can do anything, Claire tosses her into the trunk with the boys, but not before kissing her cheek in red lipstick. When Claire returns without Laura, Claire tells them that Laura is having her sister come pick her up. The other three girls thought nothing of it at first, because Laura and her sister are close. After they were gone, they remembered that Laura’s sister lives 45 minutes away.
After leaving the gas station Claire said she needs to go do some laundry, “It’s weighing down my trunk” she says with a laugh. Everyone is sick of stopping, and think it’s odd to do laundry in the middle of the night and on a Friday nonetheless. They agree anyway because at least they are off the street where the cops are. Claire asks Kathy if she can help her get her dirty clothes out of the trunk. “Yeah, I guess” says Kathy. The trunk opens and Kathy reaches to open it, Claire stops Kathy by strangling her with her own hair. Kathy is purple except for a red kiss on her cheek. Kathy’s lifeless body is thrown in the trunk with the others.

Claire returns without Kathy; Betsy and Danielle don’t notice because Kathy gets annoying when she’s drunk anyway. Betsy is still in the back trying to sleep; Danielle is in the front seat wondering what is taking so long. She finally speaks up and asks how much longer. “I honestly don’t know where I am now, we should stop for directions” suggests Claire. They agree and pull over into a Pizza King. Claire asks Danielle if she’ll go in and ask because Claire is too tired. Little does Danielle know, while she is inside, Claire drags Betsy out of the car. She runs her over, kisses her cheek with that trade mark red lipstick, and throws her in the trunk. When Danielle returns with the directions, Claire is waiting at the trunk with all 5 bodies; their necks are turned to the right, exposing kiss marks on their left cheeks. She begins to apply the last coat of lip stick, “five down, one to go” she says pouting her lips. Danielle’s mouth drops as Claire is taking off her shoe. Before Danielle could react a red Stiletto is violently shoved into her heart, killing her.

Claire loads Danielle into the back seat and kisses her last victim. She drives 50 miles into the middle of no where, puts all the bodies threw an abandoned wood chipper, covers all evidence, and drives back into town applying more lipstick nonchalantly. The murderer, who calls herself Claire, is still out there, lurking around college campuses, looking for her next group of drunken victims. Remember, no matter how innocent someone seems, never get into cars with strangers.

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